Children’s Book “That’s Not Fair” Teaches What it Means to be Equitable in Simplest Terms

Children’s Book “That’s Not Fair” Teaches What it Means to be Equitable in Simplest Terms

Dr. Casey Morris’ new release “That’s Not Fair,” explains what it means to be equitable through the simplest demonstration.Two classmates Jordan and Justin, who are close friends and very similar to one another, participate in an activity the teacher directs to explain the difference between equity versus equality.

The activity that Jordan and Justin participate in helps us to understand that we cannot allocate resources equally when one person or group starts from behind. Equal distribution of resources will not help close the gaps that exist. Alternatively, the activity establishes the necessity to focus on helping people who start from behind by providing additional support to achieve equity. The last page of the book quotes, “Equality means we give everyone the exact same resources, whereas equity means giving resources based on the needs of the people receiving them.”

Dr. Morris has a passion for writing children’s books focused on educating and validating young readers through creativity.

“I am a unique children’s book author. A former athlete, professionally working as a consultant in a large technology company, with a PhD in Higher Education. While consulting, I focused on advancing inclusion, diversity and equity efforts while incorporating innovation practices in the public service industry. My unique experiences often motivate creativity.

If I had to choose one phrase that defines me best, I would say I am a “Actionable Dreamer.” The word “Dreamer” on its own, I didn’t think was a good fit to describe who I am. Although I love the thought of our ability to dream, I often commit to strategizing on how my dreams can come to life. Thus, I added “Actionable” to the word “Dreamer” to emphasize my commitment to acting to work towards making dreams a reality.

“That’s Not Fair” is the second release from Dr. Morris and is available wherever books are sold.

For more information check out her Amazon Author Profile Page

Dr. Casey Morris


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