Chicago’s Week in Beer, May 2-5

Chicago’s Week in Beer, May 2-5

For all the partying going on in America, Conco de Mayo is more like the Mexican St. Patrick’s Day. See

This week we have two more days for opening a beer: one is Cinco de Mayo, which is NOT “Mexican Independence Day,” and “May the Fourth,” which is NOT the anniversary of when “Star Wars” opened in theatres. But have a beer, anyway.

Wolfden Brewing in Bloomingdale closed for the weekend and cancelled events until Wednesday, May 4. The closure was out of respect to their bartender, Mike Kubes, who passed away April 27. They have posted an announcement with a video to Wolfden’s Facebook page, where patrons have been offering condolences.

Monday, May 2

Tuesday, May 3

Wednesday, May 4

Thursday, May 5


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