Chicago White Sox: MLB’s Measure of Mediocrity

Did a CBS Sports statistic identify the Chicago White Sox position in the MLB hierarchy?

On August 27, 2022, the Chicago White Sox season became a microcosm of the franchise’s history. 126 games into what was supposed to be a contending season, the Sox held a 63-63 record. Their dedication to playing mediocre baseball was put into perspective by CBS Sports. Check it out:

A .500 season is a fairly uncommon (and undesired) feat. The last one was when the Royals played to an 81-81 record in 2016, the year after they won the World Series. With how the White Sox are playing, they probably won’t finish with a .500 season either– that would require winning games.

However, the last statistic CBS Sports uses is truly remarkable. After 116 years (18,028 games), MLB’s perpetual underachievers– whether in the regular season or playoffs– found themselves with 9,014 wins and 9,014 losses. 116 years of baseball, filled with glorious highs and pitiful lows, all resulting in a .500 record. That is an impressive level of blandness for an organization that has demonstrated plenty in 2022.

Yes, the August 16, 1906 date was used to benefit the post. No, the Chicago White Sox do not have an all time .500 record. Nevertheless, though it’s only an interesting statistic, it does illuminate the White Sox’s place in the MLB hierarchy. They are not the Midwest’s Yankees, nor the historically inept San Diego Padres (but hey, Juan Soto?). They sit at the same table as the LA Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, and Atlanta Braves with a franchise winning percentage of .503.

They’ve been great. They’ve been terrible. Most of all, they’ve been average. The 2022 team is writing a summary of the franchise’s history. Does the CBS statistic actually matter? Nope. But in a season of frustrating play, it’s an annoying fact that magnifies an annoying year of Chicago White Sox baseball.

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