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Every major city has its quirks and Chicago is no exception. Kind of how Miami is known for its nightclubs, New York is known for its diversity, and San Francisco is known for its tech startups. So what is Chicago known for? Well, a lot of things actually. But here are some Chicago stereotypes that just aren’t true. 

We’re Obsessed With Deep-Dish Pizza

Don’t get us wrong–we’re big fans of Lou Malnati’s, Pequods, and other deep-dish joints. But we also have amazing Neapolitan, Roman-style, thin-crust, and even vegan style pies. And here’s the thing…deep-dish style pizza can induce a full carb coma. If Chicagoans ate like that on the regular, we’d all be ten thousand pounds. 


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We’re All Die-Hard Cubs Fans

Spoiler: we’re not. Chicago is full of transplants and we don’t automatically start rooting for the Cubs when we move here. We love a good baseball game but some of us will always be loyal to our home states. Go Tigers!

Everyone Who Lives in The Suburbs Owns a Mansion

Thanks to movies like Sixteen Candles, Risky Business, and Home Alone, the world thinks every teen grows up in Hinsdale. Sure, you can get more bang for your buck in the suburbs versus the city but houses vary in size. 

There’s A Ton of Crime

Wrong! Chicago is a very safe place to live with a ton of excellent parks, restaurants, and nightlife spots. Our neighbors are nice, our streets are walkable, and our public transportation is reliable. In fact, rates Lakeview as one of the best neighborhoods with .0088 crimes per capita. 

It’s Windy as Hell

False. Blustery days are pretty common in Chicago but legend has it, we were nicknamed “The Windy City” because of corrupt politicians blowing hot air back in the day. 

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Everyone Lives in The Loop

Actually, we don’t. Most of us live in the surrounding neighborhoods like Logan Square, Lincoln Park, and Lakeview. Then we commute downtown for work. That’s why you won’t see a ton of locals in the Loop on a Saturday or Sunday (just a lot of tourists). 

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