Chicago rapper HateSonny adds depth to his battering-ram flow on Golden ChildLeor Galilon August 7, 2020 at 5:57 pm

Greater Grand Crossing native HateSonny delivers sawed-off raps with a terse punch that makes him sound spring-loaded–at any moment he could burst with fury and beat the track into submission. When he combines his blunt, forceful verses with bombastic instrumentals, it’s enough to get the teens moshing, but he’s also been developing his flexibility as a rapper since launching his career a few years ago. On the new Golden Child, HateSonny juxtaposes his gritty voice with emotive samples, coaxing out a depth of expression that his more aggressive material doesn’t admit. He eases up on his battering-ram flow on “St. Mark,” allowing its watery gospel sample to accentuate the nuances in his verse, and the song’s small concessions to vulnerability–including a brief reference to an argument with his mom–feel especially hard-won. v

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