Chicago Mom Nellisa Heath Inspired by her 5 year old twins to create the first Mother/Daughter Lifestyle Brand.

Chicago Mom Nellisa Heath Inspired by her 5 year old twins to create the first Mother/Daughter Lifestyle Brand.

At just 4 years old Columbia Skye & Meadow Reign known as The Heath Dolls asked their mom if they could create their own clothing brand. Their mom shocked by such a bold request immediately asked why. Their response…“So we can always wear matching clothes with you”

Dressing in matching Mommy and Me clothing is something the trio has done since the girls were months old but mainly for special occasions and holidays. 

My girls and I really enjoy dressing alike. It’s a real bonding moment for us. I have always loved creating our looks and taking pictures to have the memories I know will last forever” However, over the years I’ve noticed the lack of matching mother and daughter styles in stores-and the ones available never really met current style trends. Instead I would find childish prints, cheap fabrics and styles that either made me look like a child or them look like adults.” Nellisa Heath

It didn’t take long before mom and her girls began working on a signature brand that was was true to their lifestyle and personal style. They loved the idea of creating a brand that would meet the needs of quality, comfort, affordability, style, and accessibility. 

Now a year later, the world will soon be introduced to “Fancy Girl Lifestyle” A luxury lifestyle brand that they hope to bond generations of women and girls together through fashion and accessories nationwide. 

For inquires and or to learn more about Fancy Girl Lifestyle email


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