Chicago Cubs with rare series vs Boston Red Sox at Wrigley FieldVincent Pariseon July 1, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The two oldest and most historic fields in Major League Baseball are Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs) and Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox). A lot of historic games, teams, and players have rolled through each stadium over the last 120 years.

Interleague play is new relative to the entire league’s history so it has been rare to see either of these two teams step into the other’s field. However, we are getting that this weekend as the Boston Red Sox are in town to take on the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley.

This is going to be the first time that the Red Sox have played games at Wrigley Field since 2012 so it has been a decade. The two teams have only played against one another 21 times and only six of them have been in Chicago.

It took almost 100 years of Wrigley’s existence for them to welcome in the Red Sox for the first time as that came in 2005. It is honestly crazy to think about as each of these teams had been around for about a century at that point.

Seeing the Boston Red Sox play the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field is very rare.

Before MLB decided to have the National League play the American League, the Cubs and Red Sox only had ever met once before and it was in the 1918 World Series. At that point in time, they played the Chicago games at Comiskey Park because it was able to hold more fans.

So when you watch these two teams take the field at Wrigley, you know that it is special because of how rare it is. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be as competitive as it should be when something like this happens because the Cubs are terrible.

Chicago is coming off a huge win over the Cincinnati Reds but they sit in fourth place in their division. The Red Sox, however, have been amazing in the month of June after a bad start to the season and have themselves right back in the playoff race.

There are even a few players on the Cubs that the Red Sox might be scouting at this point with the trade deadline looming. It will be cool to see these two teams play each other at all but the Cubs will have to dig down deep to even get a game from the Red Sox. It is certainly possible but don’t count on it.

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