Chicago Cubs star Ian Happ supportive of Minor League unionization

Cubs’ Union Representative Ian Happ wants minor leaguers to have a voice

Earlier this week, the MLB Player’s Association sent authorization cards to minor league players which could, and likely will, initiate an election that opens the door for MLBPA membership. 30% of players will need to sign union authorization cards for the MLBPA to trigger a vote. If a majority of those who vote in this election choose for union representation, the MLBPA will henceforth collectively bargain with the MLB on behalf of minor leaguers.

Privy to behind-the-scenes developments, MLBPA union rep for the Cubs Ian Happ weighed in, “For these guys in the minor leagues, you want them to have better compensation, better work environments, and the biggest part is just having them be able to have a voice in what that looks like and the construction of that.”

“For those guys, that voice at the table, as we’ve seen, there’s been more minor-league teams that have been eliminated and the draft being compressed and all these things,” Ian Happ added. “It’s important for those guys to have a voice in what it looks like going forward.

“This group is as together as we’ve ever been. I think we understand, as the game has trended for the last six years, that there’s more power in looking out for the guys that have less of a voice and there’s more power in getting guys paid younger and being a little bit selfless on the back end and what that means for future generations.”

Happ is indeed a gamer on and off the field. In addition to his MLBPA role, the 2022 All-Star is batting .278 with 15 HR and 62 RBI.

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