ESPN source Adrian Wojnarowski reports on Thursday, June 30th, that the Bulls are signing Andre Drummond to a 2-year 6.6 million deal that includes a player option for the second year. Andre Drummond was traded from the 76ers to the Nets this season in a package that sent James Harden to the 76ers to pair up with Joel Embiid. Andre Drummond will bring needed center depth to the Bulls for this season as the Bulls look to remain healthy for a playoff push this year. The Bulls desperately needed a defensive big that could rebound the ball like Andre Drummond during this year’s playoff run. The Bulls now have more depth in the roster just in case injuries derail the Bulls during a playoff push. Andre Drummond can play along with Vucevic as he really struggled defensively all year and he was exposed during the playoffs. He can also be the Sub for Vucevic when the Bulls need a more defensive Center. Andre Drummond should be a good signing for the Bulls as his contract is relatively cheap compared to Mitchell Robinson who was offered 4 years 60 million compared to 2-year 6.6 million. The Bulls should be happy from a contract perspective that they didn’t have to spend a whole lot for a defensive center. I expect the Bulls to make more moves this off-season such as signing a veteran 3 and D wing while trying to find a trade for Coby White as he is looking more expendable. 

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