Chicago Bulls fans shouldn’t worry about LaVar Ball’s free agency predictionRyan Heckmanon May 22, 2022 at 1:13 pm

Now that the Chicago Bulls are into full-on offseason mode, so are the fans. The biggest question regarding this team’s immediate future?

Zach LaVine and his impending free agency tour.

Up until the past couple of weeks, it was tough to see LaVine leaving Chicago. However, LaVine did say that he plans to “enjoy free agency” and essentially test the waters. He doesn’t seem completely committed to staying in Chicago at the moment.

One person who happens to see LaVine leaving Chicago is also connected to the Bulls due to his son being their starting point guard. LaVar Ball has come out and given a prediction as to where he thinks LaVine will end up. Spoiler alert: it’s not Chicago.

“He’s gone and I’m going to tell you why. It started off ‘Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine, Zach LaVine’. Now you get hurt and a few things happen and guess who’s doing all the big plays? All I hear is DeMar. He don’t want to play second fiddle.” (via CBS Sports)

Chicago Bulls fans should not worry about LaVar Ball’s prediction in regards to Zach LaVine’s free agency tour.

Ball went on to say that he believes LaVine will end up on the West coast, predicting he signs with the Los Angeles Lakers — which just so happens to be where Lonzo Ball played originally.

It’s a bit funny to think that Ball believes he knows where LaVine is going, considering most of what he’s said in the past holds no real merit when it comes to the game of basketball. After all, this is the guy who once said he would beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1, and with one arm tied behind his back.

Ball thinks LaVine wants to go back to the West coast, because he has ties there and it’s an attractive place to play.

While Ball is partially correct, he’s forgetting one specific detail in regards to LaVine’s possibilities: If LaVine stays in Chicago, he can make far more than he would make elsewhere.

If LaVine signed somewhere else, he could only make a maximum of roughly $150 million. However, if he stayed in Chicago, he could sign a max deal worth over $210 million. West coast ties aside, an extra $70 million would surely do some talking.

Seeing LaVine decide to try out free agency is no surprise. Every player deserves to enjoy that process. It’s LaVine’s right to do so. But, in the end, it makes a whole lot more sense for him to stick around in Chicago.

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