Chicago Bulls at Golden State Warriors: 1 Best Bet & A Bulls State of The Union

The Chicago Bulls head to California to face the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

The Chicago Bulls have been a rollercoaster ride in 2022-23 that to this point, has been closer to pukeworthy than entertaining. At 9-12, the conversations surrounding this team are already at a rock bottom, clamoring for this team to sell its’ assets and tank for Victor Wembanyama.

While Wembanyama appears to be special, I’d be shocked, at least at this stage of the season to see the Chicago Bulls pull the plug so hard that they would actually be a contender for one of the worst records in basketball. If we are entering that conversation, the plug needs to be pulled now, and I just don’t see that as realistic.

Waiting any amount of time would be far too late to enter the tank conversation, and not to mention, the Bulls just enacted that strategy and it left them with multiple 7th overall picks, and a 4th overall pick, missing out on the likes of Trae Young, Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton, Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett, Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball. Why should we have any confidence that A: we can tank so hard to be a bottom four team, and B: even if that is the case, it’s a 25% chance at best to land the top pick.

Tanking now just isn’t an option and frankly, while I don’t believe this team is a contender when entirely healthy, I do believe that we will see a stronger more consistent team as the season wears on.

Personally, I have been suggesting since the offseason that this Bulls team is more of a sleeper to make a trade for a superstar if the asking price comes down. Sam Smith of SI, affirmed my thoughts this week, suggesting the Bulls should be in on Kevin Durant.

The hard truth is that the Chicago Bulls are in a very tough position where they aren’t really a viable team to tank or get into the tank sweepstakes unless multiple trades are made this month, and on the flip side, unless they make a trade or one of their current players takes a huge step forward, there isn’t much of a path to construct a contending roster.

I beg that people will have some patience with this team, on one hand because it is still far too early to throw in the towel, or because if they want to get the best value for trades whether it be selling off assets, or attempting to sell young assets for a star, these guys need to maximize their value on the court.

That was obviously a bigger intro and ramble than I usually lay down for the best bet blogs, but I do feel the need to add some realism to our situation here.

The best bet blog has been a horror show these last few weeks after starting 6-2, but as I’ve stated before I won’t rest until this thing is a hungry winning machine whether the Bulls are rattling off wins or not. We’re going back to a guy that has been our most profitable pick this season on these blogs. It’s going to be a tough one tonight in the Bay Area, let’s strap on the war helmets and get to work. See red and GO BULLS!!

2022 Bulls Best Bet Record: 9-12 (3L Cold Streak)Last Pick: Chicago Bulls +5.5 – L

Patrick Williams Over 9.5 Points (Sportsbook odds may vary)

Despite the noise surrounding Patrick Williams, and the expectations that he has fell short of, if you have been watching him on the Bulls team, you will see a significantly more confident player than what we saw to open the season.

His impact on the defensive end has risen to arguably the most consistent defender on the team, his role is increasing, and although the last game against the Suns saw a cold shooting night, he leads the team in three point percentage at 43.5%.

I have called for Williams to get more and more opportunities to shoot anywhere on the court, but especially from three point land on a team that ranks 28th in the NBA in three-pointers made per game. Patrick Williams is one of the biggest keys to boosting that number.

We’ve seen so far in spots where the Bulls have had ugly outcomes, the following game, Williams has had a sense of urgency and a boost in tenacity. I like his chances to hit a couple of deep shots tonight, but I also expect him to attack the rim a bit tonight.

I understand the feelings towards Williams are low, but going back to my opening rant, Patrick Williams is such a massive key to the future of this team. That can mean multiple things, not just expecting him to elevate into a star player.

If the Chicago Bulls front office decides he isn’t the guy, they still need to be able to showcase his talents on the floor to entice another team, or if he is the guy, or this is the core of players that they move forward with, barring a big signing, Williams taking the next step would be the key to the Bulls taking a step forward themselves.

Have some patience with the kid, he is seriously talented on both ends of the floor, he just needs to continue gaining more and more confidence. If the Bulls can’t find a way to instill that confidence, they will need to find another way to change the future of this team. I’m riding with the kid tonight to hit double figures, best of luck, see red and GO BULLS!!

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