Chicago Bulls’ Andre Drummond believes he’s a better rebounder than Dennis RodmanRyan Heckmanon August 22, 2022 at 3:30 pm

One thing the Chicago Bulls were desperately missing last season was a physical presence on the offensive glass to back up Nikola Vucevic.

All year, they struggled in that department. Tony Bradley and Tristan Thompson simply didn’t cut it.

This coming season, that looks to change. Veteran center Andre Drummond signed with Chicago and now offers the team just what they needed.

Drummond has been one of the best rebounders in the league since his career began in 2013. Boasting four seasons of over 15 rebounds per game back in his prime days with Detroit, Drummond is now relegated to a bench role in which he’s still very effective.

He’s been so effective, still, that he’s confident he’ll go down as one of the all-time greats.

Chicago Bulls big man Andre Drummond recently stated that he believes he’s the greatest rebounder ever.

In a conversation he had with Mike Anthony from CT Insider, Drummond had this interesting tidbit to say in regards to being in the conversation for greatest rebounder of all-time:

“I think I’m already there. I’m on my way. By the time I retire, I’ll go down as the best rebounder ever — if not already.”

Those are some bold words, especially playing for a team that once saw the likes of Dennis Rodman dominate alongside Michael Jordan. Rodman is widely thought of as the best rebounder of all time and, if Drummond believes he’s already the greatest in NBA history, that would mean putting himself ahead of Rodman.

Now, Kurt Helin of NBC Sports did point out a great set of numbers. Drummond is, indeed, the all-time leader in NBA rebounding percentage at 24.7 percent. Rebounding percentage is essentially the percentage of available rebounds one could come down with.

Rodman’s all-time percentage sits at 23.4, by comparison. So, in a way, Drummond could be right. But, it depends on how you classify “greatest rebounder of all-time.” There are a lot of different numbers you could look at, such as offensive rebounds in particular.

You could also look at the single-greatest season in league history when it comes to rebound percentage, and that’s a record held by Rodman with 29.7 percent back in ’94-’95.

Regardless of opinion on the matter, though, it is clear that the Bulls were able to fill a huge void by signing Drummond. He’ll end up as one of the most underrated free agent signings around the league this year.

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