Chicago Bulls and NBA conference betting

Chicago Bulls and NBA conference betting

NBA betting is quite popular in the US, especially during the playoffs. The conferences are highly competitive since many teams in theEast and West have enough talents to advance to the finals. Although there are numerous kinds of bets, the future odds attract most punters since the market creates unlimited betting opportunities all year round.

The championship is unique since bettors place more wager on some teams than others. BetMGM claims that Chicago Bulls dominates the betting market in the Eastern Conference with a 22% share, and the figure might increase in the future.

Chicago Bulls 2021-22 Season

In the Eastern Conference, the Bulls have been aggressive from the start of the 2021-2022 postseason. Their improvement is a huge surprise to the fanbase and bettors alike since the team struggled in the preseason, leading to complaints. If the team stays healthy and motivated, it might register long winning streaks as it battles its way towards the top seed in the playoffs.

The team started gaining momentum after adding formidable talent to their squad. The new roster has experienced players like Nikola Vucevic, Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and DeMar DeRozan. If the bulls keep winning, they will be in a better position to restore their playoff glory and even hoist the cup.

Betting on the Bulls

The team’s starting five might be the best squad in the NBA 2021-2022 postseason. Their excellent offensive players include Nikola Vucevic, Zach LaVine, and DeMar DeRozan. The three have enough firepower to outmaneuver their opponents and light up the scoreboard.

On the other hand, the team has good defenders such as Patrick Williams, LaVine, Lonzo Ball, Vucevic, and DeRozan. The players are good at blocking and stealing the ball, making it difficult for the rivals to score.

The Bulls are betting favorites since they have one of the strongest roasters in the East. For that reason, sportsbooks expect most bettors to wager on the team through the playoffs. Popular NBA bet types include Moneyline, over/under, point spread, props, and futures odds.

Chicago Bulls Moneyline

Moneyline is the popular bet type since it involves predicting the winning team. Therefore, you can only win if your selection is correct. In this bet, the size of your payout depends on your team’s associated Moneyline and the wager amount. Consequently, you might increase your possible payout by selecting higher stake amounts.

If you are a beginner, you need to know how Moneyline bet works before wagering. Technically, the stronger team has a minus sign (-) next to its Moneyline, while the weaker side has a plus sign (+) preceding its Moneyline. The Moneyline number indicates the potential winnings for each side.

Chicago Bulls Future Odds

Future odds involve the potential outcomes of forthcoming events in the NBA conference. For instance, a punter can predict if the Bulls can reach the playoffs, win the Eastern cup, or emerge victorious in the NBA finals.

Unlike other bet types, future odds keep changing as teams move towards the finals. For instance, the odds of the Bulls advancing to the playoffs might reduce as it wins more matches in a row. Therefore, you should bet early to enjoy the best odds.

Chicago Bulls Over/Under

In an over/under betting, bettors need to predict a cumulative final score that is higher or lower than the set figure. Therefore, you can only win if the sum of the scores of the two teams is over or under a certain threshold.

For example, when the Bulls are playing a particular opponent, and the oddsmakers have set over points at 230, you can only win an “Over” bet if the cumulative score on the scoreboard is more than 230.

Chicago Bulls Point Spread

If you want to place a point spread wager on the Bulls, you need to predict the team’s correct margin of victory. For instance, if oddsmakers indicate the point spread bet as Chicago Bulls -2 (-110), the team must win by more than three points to beat the spread. If you don’t know how to read odds, you should know that the point spread has a “juice” or “vig.” The “juice” refers to the sportsbook fees for accepting the wager, and it affects your potential winnings.

Chicago Bulls Prop Bets

Props allow bettors to wager on their favorite players. Each player has performance stats that keep changing throughout the season. When wagering, you can select a player to go over or under some statistics to win your bet. Common prop bets include the first player to score, rebounds per individual, and points per player.


NBA action is perfect for wagering because it has numerous markets with attractive odds. As a punter, you can wager on favorable teams such as the Chicago Bulls to maximize your chances of winning. The Bulls are showing good performance, and it is no secret that they can reach the playoffs and even win the finals.

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