Chicago Blackhawks Troubles and Woes

Chicago Blackhawks are finding ways to lose?

First off, the Chicago Blackhawks team is still a skilled club to contend with, even though the Blackhawks team is currently slumping.

In my opinion, this may be for the good of the game for the Blackhawks roster that plays night in and night out, understanding the fact they still do bust their humps to compete in their contests.

However, from a winning perspective they have started to lose in a sense that the team might be losing gas or simply “Its just not clicking”.

Which I doubt to be honest with you.

What is ailing the Chicago Blackhawks youngsters?

This team is still fairly young and needs more time to get the experience they need to help them compete even harder, when the crucial games do count.

In fact, losing is not a bad thing, but it does affect the standings, an area the Blackhawks do want to keep a tight hold on.

Also, the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks team is still maturing and the chemistry is still being aligned into more of a prime type of gameplay that the team needs to win games.

Rather than focusing on the weaknesses that I will address, this team needs to relax more and be poised on the ice, then be unorganized to say the least.

A solution that might be the trick.

The goals are coming when the offense is sharp, but the defense seems to fail its goaltender and let’s him get tested on a nightly basis.

When the offense is slacking, the defense seems to hold well and the goaltending is much more stronger.

So, how do you combine the two ingredients into a perfect recipe for a combination of good skating and scoring at the same time.

Coach Luke Richardson will have to work on that aspect and determine where his team needs the most attention.

Proving the fact that he will also need to be precise with the right formations against the many skillful team’s in the NHL today.

My prediction for the team’s needs.

The Chicago Blackhawks are still performing well in games, but the lackluster effort is getting the fans frustrated with their sloppy gameplay as of late.

The best hope for the Blackhawks team is that they quickly find a way to shake those jitters, manage to get back into the win column and produce more as they go.

The next few games will be a heavy test because most teams the Blackhawks are playing against have a better winning record.

It will be quite interesting to see how the team fares against these opponents, but what is more interesting is to see if there is a new coaching style implemented to win games.

By this I mean strategy surrounding the team’s needs.

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