Chicago Blackhawks: The future was on display in DetroitVincent Pariseon September 29, 2022 at 4:31 pm

The Chicago Blackhawks will be a terrible team in 2022-23. The main focus of the year will be following the prospect’s journeys throughout all the leagues in the world. A few of them have been on display in the preseason already.

On Wednesday night, the Blackhawks headed up to Michigan to take on the Detroit Red Wings. It was a great game for them as they beat them 4-2. Chicago mostly used their non-NHL players and went up against a Detroit Red Wings team with a lot of regulars playing.

The highlight of the game was the second goal for Chicago. At the time of the game, it put them ahead 2-1 which made it look like they actually could compete in this game which they did. The goal was scored by Lukas Reichel and assisted by Kevin Korchinski.

For the Blackhawks, this is the future of the team as of right now. They are certainly hoping to add a big piece of their future in the 2023 NHL Draft but these two are also very important.

The Chicago Blackhawks had a nice look into the future on Wednesday night.

Korchinski is a very gifted defenseman that can make amazing plays using his speed and offensive abilities. He found Lukas Reichel for a breakaway here and he didn’t miss on his opportunity. It was amazing to see these two connect for a great chance and a goal.

Korchinski is probably going to be sent back to the WHL soon. He may get into a few NHL games to start but he will play in no more than nine games so they don’t burn a year on his entry-level deal yet. He will dominate all season there and be ready for when the team needs him.

As for Reichel, the AHL is an option for him which can’t be said for Korchinski. Reichel already burned a year of his deal already, however, so there is no reason for him to play anywhere else but Chicago.

He is one of their nine best forwards so he should be playing. There will be growing pains but that is all a part of it. He has the skills to be a part of this team and help them grow back into a playoff team.

Aside from this beautiful goal, there is another young player to be excited about and that is goaltender Arvid Soderblom. He might be the best goalie in the organization and that means he could be the full-time starter one day.

However, there is absolutely no reason for him to play behind this horrid team in 2022-23. It would be in his best interest to play for the Rockford Ice Hogs with a few NHL appearances in there. On Wednesday, with his brother skating for the other team, he made 31 saves on 33 shots.

The Blackhawks have Alex Stalock and Petr Mrazek to take on the workload this season. That also probably makes them a worse team and we know that deep down inside, the lottery is the Blackhawks’ biggest concern this year.

All of these young guys are going to make 2022-23 worth it in the end. They didn’t have as bright of a future going into the offseason as they do right now which speaks to Kyle Davidson’s work as a GM so far. This win over Detroit was a look into the future and that’s exciting.

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