Chicago Blackhawks Lookback: Jeremy Roenick

Jeremy Roenick is a true inspiration to the game of hockey, coming from an American grown game played.

His talent was phenomenal as he knew how to put on a show for the folks of Greater Chicago and fans around North America.

Jeremy Roenick was drafted 8th overall, in 1988 in the NHL Draft, coming out of high school.

Drafted by Chicago nevertheless, he was a solid addition from the get go.

Playing 524 games for Chicago, recording 267 goals and 329 assists, resulting in 596 points.

His attitude was what made his era of game memorable to the fans and teammates that gave him his superb reputation.

Jeremy Roenick’s achievements were an American Success.

Aside from the Chicago Blackhawks, Jeremy Roenick has achieved certain milestones a few American born players have achieved on different teams after his stint with the Blackhawks.

15 years ago today, @Jeremy_Roenick scored his 500th career goal, becoming the third U.S. born player to reach the milestone #Hockey365 #SJSharks

Jeremy Roenick is a Silver Medalist from the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Now an analyst for NBC Sports.

His game was like no other in his prime.

Roenick’s incredible patience to score goals and nifty moves gave him that edge to be an elite and become that leader on-ice.

His physical presence for his game was surprising to commentators and fans because the combination was unheard of at the time.

How did Roenick’s game affect the NHL?

His ability to play the game at various levels was amazing and quite entertaining to say the least.

He is a true leader amongst men and is a player that stems from the Blackhawks organization.

How his game evolved during the years was interesting because stemming from his first season to the second his scoring to point production pace picked up drastically and never looked back.

Roenick’s game is a true player’s ability to play at heart and gave his teammates a chance to learn and give themselves the time and chance to play at his level as well.

For the most part Jeremy Roenick is a true contender at heart and is remembered for his tenacious gameplay that brought hope and love to the game of hockey to the City of Chicago.

One thing is for sure is that Mr. Roenick will forever be a Blackhawk and give kids that hope to be great like him.

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