Chicago Blackhawks 2022/23 Monthly Analysis

As we know, the Chicago Blackhawks first month of the 2022/23 season was a pleasant surprise to most, if not many.

The Blackhawks team had exceeded expectations and impressed in all aspects of the game played well according to the coaching, if not for the many injuries that have plagued the team.

The best part about it is that we are just getting started folks and hopefully the wins do start accumulating.

For me, living in Toronto, having the privilege of watching the games here at home has been an experience as of late.

Chicago’s fore check is an incredibly strong force that is being recognized in the league, and is taking shape as each game progresses.

As the season continues, we may see if any moves are made to better tweak the team or a stellar acquisition is made to better improve the team’s outlook by possibly making a run for the playoffs.

With a current projected cap space at approximately over/under five million dollars US.

So, what is my evaluation of the team?

As I reiterate, the Chicago Blackhawks fort check has been incredible to watch, garnering plenty of opportunities in and around the net.

The most important aspect of their game is that each player on the Blackhawks unit is aware of each others presence that gives them that A to B type chemistry with the puck movement.

The captain, Jonathon Toews’s hot-start, I credit to his younger line mates who are also off to a red-hot start themselves.

They are a feisty team to watch play as they have the endurance to play on when down a goal or two.

Not to mention the best combination of youngsters mixed with veteran like players.

This team is poised to move forward and keep picking up pace as to where they left off.

Another thing to watch will be the progression of the forwards who seem to be having career years to speak.

“When the drum is used with good hearts and intentions, it brings all people together.”
Last night’s drum circle before puck drop brought the UC together on the first night of Native American Heritage Month 👏

How do I rate the Defense?

The defense in my opinion should be a little more productive and needs to improve along the far-side of the ice, where the team has made careless turnovers, especially in the offensive zone.

Overall though, the team is improving quite well under the direction of the coaching staff, and due to injuries it is somewhat hard to hold this system accountable to say.

Once a healthy team, we should see all cylinder’s firing on pace and the team playing amongst the elites to maintain position, if not a wild card spot.

Hopefully, we can see more goals scored rather then goal opportunities that lead to the wins column.

The Goalie System.

Understanding the fact the Chicago Blackhawks are currently in a crisis with goaltenders, it will be a solid fact that the team will have a steady group of netminders going forward.

The injurie bug is tough, but the Chicago Blackhawks are tougher and will improve.

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