Chicago Blackhawks 2022/2023 Offensive Layout pt. 1

Training camp is just a couple of weeks away and the excitement for the NHL season to begin is mounting well, as the team’s prepare to work on there respective projected defensive and offensive layout during that time and get ready for the pre-season, before the regular season begins.

during that span, we will be keeping a sharp eye on the Chicago Blackhawks’ lineup, starting with how the players will be accounted for in respects to being in shape and primarily to start the season with a huge chip on their shoulder with the negativity surrounding them all season long.

One will take you through a brief, but, detailed projected offensive layout of the players that will discuss the nature of the Blackhawks offensive power and ability to score.

Starting off with the fist line for the Chicago Blackhawks, which will have it’s dynamic duo leading the way, in Jonathan Toews at center and Patrick Kane at right wing. (Both who were unfair targets of trade talks all summer)

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews haven’t approached Davidson
Ben Pope: Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson said yesterday that neither Jonathan Toews nor Patrick Kane have approached him about a trade request.

Along with the duo, it will be last year’s rookie Lukas Reikel on left wing, who played 11 games last season and accumulated 1 assist, resulting in a minus -8 average.

This combination of forwards is quite familiar to many, and what it brings is an offensive bang that we should expect from Patrick Kane, even though he is at age. Jonathan Toews will be more of a playmaking machine this year complimenting the likes of Kane and Reikel, and contributing on the front end on the net with nifty goals. Reikel’s role is to evolve and learn from the duo, where he can become a star-type forward and produce at a consistent level.

It will also give the youngster the valuable minutes to develop into a goal scorer or playmaker and mature as a prime leader of the team for the future.

What will the second-line chemistry bring to Chicago’s offensive layout.

This particular line is built from two recently acquired player’s, except for the right winger Tyler Johnson, who will be looking to make an impact on the team this season.

Recently acquired player, playing at center Max Domi, is a depth player who can make brilliant plays for his team at any given time. His ability to set the man up for goals is at a consistent level, also Domi is a reliable skater, who knows how to get under the skin of the opposing team’s players.

Also, recently acquired through free agency, Andreas Athanasiou who will be playing on the left wing .

He is a speedster skater, who knows how to score around the net, especially in sneaky ways. He will get under the skin of the goaltender, when the team will be on the for check and looking to bounce back in tight games. Athanasio has played 378 games, accumulating 105 goals and 91 assists, resulting in 196 points. His plus/minus, however, is at a minus -75.

And for the right-wing, we have Tyler Johnson, who had played 26 games last season with the Blackhawks. Recording 3 goals and 4 assists, resulting in 7 points and a -8 plus minus average.

T. Johnson, has had quite the decorated hockey career leading to where is he now, to a point that he will be able to make an impact with his two projected line mates in Domi and Athanasiou on the second line.

T. Johnson’s career stats are as follows, as he has played 615 games and scored 164 goals, with 204 assists, recording 368 points. His plus minus is at an astonishing plus 76 as he is a fantastic skater both ways on ice as ranked.

What will the top-six forward combination bring to the offensive layout?

This top six combination of an offensive layout is a powerful, but, somewhat modest gain of forwards that will be able to produce at a consistent level, providing the breakout need of a positive outcome.

The fact that the coach can work with this top-six of forwards and use them to his advantage, while tweaking out the kinks needed.

Not to mention the fact that the coach Luke Richardson can juggle the lineups incredibly well, as the top-six forwards are able to work in that capacity to figure out the system that works for the team itself and help the offensive layout.

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