Chicago Bears vs. 49ers game could be low scoring swampy mess after 3 inches of rain hits Soldier Field

The rain in Chicago came in at full force early Sunday morning, testing the new sod laid down earlier this week at Soldier Field.

Stacey Dales of the NFL Network reported on the depth of the water on the sideline at  Soldier Field shortly after the ground crews took the tarp off.

The rain is pounding Chicago. Watch… @nflnetwork @NFLGameDay 🌧️

— StaceyDales (@StaceyDales) September 11, 2022

As Dales reported 1 to 3 inches of rain has already fallen in parts of Chicago and another two inches is expected today.  A sloppy rainy field could bode well for the 49ers as it would take the ball out of Justin Fields’ hands.  That being said the Bears could be able to hang around given their running game is arguably the strongest part of their offense.

Hopefully, the new hybrid Bermuda grass will hold up at Soldier Field.  One thing is certain, Mother Nature in Chicago doesn’t care what your plan is, she’s going to put everything to the test.

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