Chicago Bears training camp could boost these players’ valueRyan Heckmanon July 10, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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Every year, NFL fans look forward to a few key times. Kickoff weekend is maybe the biggest celebration of the season, aside from the Super Bowl. But, training camp could very well be the third-most anticipated event of the year. After all, as Chicago Bears fans, we aren’t typically accustomed to seeing our team play football beyond early January.

With training camp set to open the gates on July 26, there are just a few days left before Bears fans can see their newly-shaped roster take the field. Over the years, we have seen plenty of good stories come out of training camp, too.

This year, there will be more opportunities than ever for a lot of position groups. Because the Bears are in a full-on rebuild, new general manager Ryan Poles has constructed this roster in a way where we are going to see a whole lot of competition.

There will be some intense battles, and a ton of opportunities for players to prove themselves.

Training camp 2022 will be an opportunity for a few key Chicago Bears players to see their value skyrocket.

As many Bears fans know, this is a roster that has some positions where there is still a lack of talent. There may be some uncertainty — and of course, the concern is all directed at Poles, and justifiably so.

Though the Bears are rebuilding, Poles has made it a little difficult on Justin Fields going into his second year. He will need a few different guys to step up in a big way, and not just the notable names like Darnell Mooney and David Montgomery.

Fields has all the talent in the world, physically. But, he can’t do it alone. He will depend on some unheralded guys to earn their spot and provide value to this team.

Now, that doesn’t just go for the offense. This is a team that needs to make stops. The defense could use a couple of particular players to step up and boost their own value as well. Overall, there are three players who could see their value skyrocket during training camp. Let’s start on offense.


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