Chicago Bears trade a surprise player in this 2022 mock draftRyan Heckmanon April 15, 2022 at 11:00 am

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Chicago Bears (David Banks-USA TODAY Sports)

We are now down to the final stretch, as the Chicago Bears are under two weeks away from the 2022 NFL Draft.

By now, fans have heard all the opinions and hot takes they can stand about how new general manager Ryan Poles has handled his first offseason in Chicago. Some have been good, others bad, and a few cringeworthy.

But, the only thing we can do right now is to continue and wait — and if you’re the positive type, you can trust. Trust that Poles sees the bigger picture, and go from there.

Going into the draft, the Bears of course have six picks, but none coming in the first round. Many fans are under the assumption Poles should trade back to acquire additional draft capital, and that would not be shocking in the least bit.

Could the Chicago Bears use a surprising player in a trade during the 2022 NFL Draft?

This offseason, there have been plenty of trade rumors. The Bears did end up acting on one of those, trading Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Other than Mack, many believed that Eddie Goldman could be traded before his ultimate release. Eddie Jackson is one whom fans desire to be traded, but that’s a tough situation considering his contract.

Robert Quinn is also a name to watch, as the Bears might not be done stripping this roster just yet. However, Poles would likely want to leave at least one premier pass rusher for Matt Eberflus and his defense.

There are other names, though, which could be used to trade for additional draft capital. But, the Bears would have to be creative in how they went about it. In this mock draft, Poles does exactly that. Let’s get into it.

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