Chicago Bears TE Cole Kmet ‘really craving violence’ in new offensive scheme

Chicago Bears tight end Cole Kmet has a new role in the offense this season

Cole Kmet is working this offseason to take a giant leap in his third season with the Chicago Bears. Kmet told media after Tuesday’s OTA practice the Bear’s offense would feature the tight end position more and that he was improving his skills to match the scheme.

The former Notre Dame product said he was focusing on skills to be a better receiver and pass blocker. “Everythings got to be hands catch,” he said. “It’s hard to do now without pads on, but really craving violence through my blocks. That’s kind of the thing, especially on double team.

Good pass blocking from the tight end will open up his receiving opportunities in the new offense, Kmet said.    Kmet seems excited about the play-action movements in the offense. He named Green Bay Packers’ Robert Tonyan and 49ers’ George Kittle as examples of how the Bears will use tight ends this year.

Cole Kmet is learning a lot

New offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has wasted no time getting the playbook to his players in the offseason. Getsy has been specific in what he wants, Kmet said. He’s challenging Bears players to see what they are capable of.

“We’ve been getting a lot of info thrown at us,” Kmet said, “but it’s been good and we’re just trying to see how much we can absorb at once.”

On top of working out with the Bears, Kmet will be headed to “Tight End University” for the second year in a row he said. Per multiple reports, tight ends will be watching film and working out together during a three-day trip to Nashville this June.

Figuring out the endzone woes

Kmet was drafted by the Bears in the 2nd round of the 2020 draft. Since then, the former college standout has only been able to score two touchdowns in the NFL. Even though his touchdown stat line has not been impressive, Kmet did improve to 60 receptions and 612 yards receiving last year. But red-zone play is still a part of his game Kmet has found “lacking” in the past.

Kmet wishes he had two opportunities back from the 2021 season. One was a timing miscommunication with then-rookie quarterback Justin Fields against the 49ers; the second was a low pass against the Packers. Kmet believes Fields and he will have their timing figured out for the 2022 campaign.

Plenty of adversity has come Kmet’s way during his first three seasons with the Bears. Kmet named going through the quarterback carousel as a particular challenge. The Bears had Mitch Trubisky as the starter Kmet’s rookie season, and Andy Dalton was the starter in his second before being replaced by Fields. The Bears will have a new offensive coordinator in his third season.

“I mean it’s tough on a player trying to get a feel for guys and different kinds of scheme changes depending on who the quarterback is,” Kmet said. “So for me just always doing what I’m asked and that’s all you can control.”

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