Chicago Bears rookie offensive tackle has this advantage over Teven Jenkins

Braxton Jones has been working on using his arms

Chicago Bears rookie offensive tackle Braxton Jones has had a big week. Reports from veterans mandatory minicamp have him starting at the left tackle position. Jones spoke to the media following Thursday’s practice. One of the skills Jones has been working on is something his teammate will have a disadvantage at.

The biggest transition to the NFL from college has been learning how to throw his hands, Jones said. “In college, you know, I was really reserved with my hands and I didn’t use my long arms to my advantage,” he said. “So I’d say that was one of the big things and still to this day, I mean, I’ve still got to work on them. They’re a big thing for me and they’re going to help me be very, you know, good in this league,” Jones said.

Bears offensive line coach Chris Morgan has helped Jones work on his hand technique, Jones said. “He’s been a big influence on that. Just throwin’ them babies, letting them go,” Jones said. “They’re long, just letting them go. You know, and he’s just harping on me, and I love it because it is a big thing I notice when I punch em, get em off their spot. It’s huge. It helps me recover, do anything, just using those hands.”

Jones has a size advantage over Teven Jenkins

Bears’ second-year tackle Teven Jenkins has been working with the second team since last weeks OTA’s. A lot of questions have been circulating as to why he’s not with the first team at tackle or guard. One thing we know for certain is Jones has longer arms than Jenkins. Arm size was one of the disadvantages Jenkins had that was noticed by scouts before he was drafted.

Jenkin’s arm size measures at 33 1/2″, whereas Jones measures 35 3/8″. What that will mean in July is anyones guess. But it is interesting Jones spent a good chunk of his press conference talking up a stregnth he had while being a part of the first team, while Jenkins is getting reps with the second team while having inferior size with his arms legnth.

Jones himself acknowledged that all of the offensive linemen are still fighting for a starting spot for the regular season. “I think everybody’s competing. Maybe rotating or whatever you want to call it. It’s all competition. Everybody’s competing for a job at the end of the day. I’m competing for a job,” Jones said.

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