Chicago Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker is training with the best in the NFLRyan Heckmanon May 16, 2022 at 3:00 pm

This offseason, Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles has taken a different approach to rebuilding the team.

While fans have been starving for big name additions at wide receiver and offensive line, Poles opted to go a different route when it came to the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Bears held two picks in the second round, and without a pick in the first, these were crucial selections. With the first pick, the Bears took Washington cornerback Kyler Gordon.

Then, with their second pick in the round, Poles went for one of the best safeties in this class: Penn State standout Jaquan Brisker. And, if his young offseason is any indication, Brisker is already destined for greatness.

Chicago Bears rookie safety Jaquan Brisker is already surrounding himself with the NFL’s elite talent.

If the Bears are to compete in the near future, they will need a defense. No matter how much offense is talked about, the Bears will still need to stop their opponents. And, although a defense isn’t made with just one player, if it’s the right player, one guy can surely make a huge difference.

If there’s any team that knows how important just one player is, it’s the reigning Super Bowl champions. Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has won NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times, and has become arguably the best defensive player of the past decade.

Donald is a unicorn of a player due to his bull-like strength and the speed of a linebacker. That speed has kept up, in part, due to some serious training. This year, some of his training sessions have featured the Bears’ rookie safety working out alongside him.

They say if you want to be the best, you have to train like it. Well, how about training with the best?

Being able to call Donald an early friend and workout partner in his young career will end up proving to be one of the most valuable relationships Brisker will have throughout his time in the league.

Donald is destined to be a Hall of Fame inductee one day, and if Brisker continues to push himself to the level of a Hall of Fame defender, he could be on track to get there some day as well.

The Bears have lacked intensity on the defensive side of the ball for a couple of years now, and specifically in their secondary. Brisker is going to help lift the energy levels of this group tremendously, and bringing some of Donald’s nastiness to the defensive back field is one sure fire way to improve this group.

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