Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields is exceeding expectations so farVincent Pariseon May 23, 2022 at 8:46 pm

On NBC Sports Chicago, David Kaplan had Josh Schrock as a guest to talk about the Chicago Bears. In particular, they talked about second-year quarterback Justin Fields. Schrock is a Chicago Bears insider for NBC Sports Chicago.

They talked about how he has been exceeding expectations so far at camp. There have been a lot of notable people talking about how good he has looked and what kind of impact he can make in the National Football League this season.

A significant player on this team was referenced by Kaplan and Schrock when talking about Fields and what he has looked like. Lucas Patrick is an offensive lineman that signed a deal with the Chicago Bears after spending the first part of his career with the Green Bay Packers.

Someone who has spent their entire career blocking for Aaron Rodgers might know something about excellent quarterback play. Rodgers is one of the ten greatest quarterbacks who ever lived and that might be selling him short.

Hearing Patrick say nice things about Fields and how good he has looked is amazing. If he thinks that this kid has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback, it is significant because of the fact that he has literally shared an offense with one of the best franchise quarterbacks ever. If he believes it right now, everyone else should.

Justin Fields is going to be a very good player for the Chicago Bears in 2022.

Fields wasn’t all that good in 2021 as a rookie. He had moments where he looked like someone who can make elite plays but he didn’t do it nearly consistently enough to be content. However, there are a lot of factors that went into that.

One of them is the coaching situation that Fields dealt with in 2021. Now, Matt Nagy and his staff is gone which is going to do wonders for him. The people that they brought in seem to know what they are doing but they have to go out there and prove it.

It is nice to see that things are sounding good from the Bears right now when it comes to the quarterback but we need to see so much more. These camps going on right now are nothing like training camp that will lead into the preseason and then eventually the regular season.

Fields has the potential to be the best quarterback that this team has ever had. It isn’t a high bar so that doesn’t mean much but success will follow for this team only if he succeeds. Exceeding expectations in May is better than nothing but year two is going to be huge for number one.

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