Chicago Bears NFL 2022-23 Predictions

A look at 2022-23 predictions for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are in a rebuilding stage. Last season was pretty much a washout and expectations are low for 2022. Many sportsbooks have given them little to no chance and they are currently ranked 28 of 32 on most books, with staggering odds of +10,000.

So, what should Chicago Bears fans expect for 2022/23? Should you just sit back, let the chaos happen, and then hope for better things in the future? Or is there even a remote chance of a good season?

Check out these Chicago NFL predictions as we take a deeper dive into the upcoming season, looking at how the Chicago Bears will perform and seeing if there is any value in futures bets and game bets.

Week by Week Bears Predictions

The best way to judge how this season will go for the Bears is to look at each of Chicago’s games in turn. Obviously, a lot can happen over the course of a season. We could lose Justin Fields or another star player to injury. We could hit a good run of form that sees us play above and beyond expectations.

We can’t predict the future, but we can make some assumptions and try to get as close as possible.

Week 1: Bears vs San Francisco

This one could go either way. The heart says it’s going to be a close win for the Bears. The head says that the 49ers will have the edge. Either way, it’s a key game and a great way to start the season. A win here could set the stage for the rest of the season.

Week 2: Bears at Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers is edging closer and closer to the big four-zero, but he’s still as formidable as ever and when he’s on form, the Packers are unstoppable. It’s hard to see how the Bears will get anything from this one. 

It’s a Green Bay win all the way, and one in which they should comfortably cover the spread.

Week 3: Bears vs Houston

The Texans are struggling and this should be a win for the Bears. The opener at San Fran was a hard one to call, but this should be an easy win for Chicago. Expect the Bears to cover the spread.

Week 4: Bears at N.Y. Giants

The Giants are another struggling team and this is another early chance for the Bears to get a big win. It could take a field goal either way, and we’re going with the Bears to get the W.

Week 5: Bears at Minnesota

The Vikings have too much offensive power for the Bears. There’s no way we’re leaving Minnesota with anything except a heavy loss.

Week 6: Bears vs Washington

A closely fought game that will no doubt be very sloppy and low scoring. Expect field goals. Expect disappointment. And expect plenty of interceptions, fumbles, and grumbles from the crowd. By this point, the Bears could be on a good run. If so, the momentum may be all we need to carry us over the line.

A win would be great, as there are a few very difficult weeks ahead and the Bears could find themselves in a serious rut.

Week 7: Bears at New England

The Pats are not what they used to be, but Belichick knows how to nurture young teams and will get the better of the Bears.

Week 8: Bears at Dallas

Dak Prescott should be able to boss this game, scoring some big yards through the air and helping the Cowboys to cover the spread.

Week 9: Bears vs Miami

The Dolphins could have their sights set on a playoff spot at this point in the season, making this a big game for them. Tua should get them over the line and secure an important win for the Florida franchise.

Week 10: Bears vs Detroit

A chance for the Bears to end a losing streak. They will need to stop Jared Goff, though, and that’s easier said than done. It will be a close one and it’s hard to call. If you’re looking for betting tips, back the Under.

Week 11: Bears at Atlanta

Week 11 is a road game that the Bears can—and perhaps should—win. There could be just a field goal in it at the end of play, but the W will be coming back to Chicago.

Week 12: Bears at N.Y. Jets

A very winnable game that could easily swing the other way. Late in the season, with hopes either high or dashed, this is a tough one to call. We would expect a decent number of points, though, so bet the Over.

Week 13: Bears vs Green Bay

Another showdown with the Packers and another chance for Aaron Rodgers to shine. We have a chance to get something out of this game if we have momentum from the Jets fixture, but either way, the odds favor Green Bay.

Week 15: Bears vs Philadelphia

Week 14 is a Bye for the Bears, taking us into the Eagles game after a short break. It’s a break that probably won’t help the Bears, with the points going to the Eagles who should also cover the spread.

Week 16: Bears vs Buffalo

This one could get ugly for Chicago, as the high-flying Bills are everyone’s pick for Super Bowl success. It’s not a question of “if” the Bills will win, but by how much.

Week 17: Bears at Detroit

Another loss is on the cards, though by this point in the season, both teams could be significantly affected by injury, disappointment, or nerves. It won’t be the same as week 10.

Week 18: Bears vs Minnesota

Another game against Minnesota and another win for the Vikings, capping off a very disappointing season for the Bears. 

Summary: Can the Bears Win the Super Bowl?

The Bears could win the Super Bowl…eventually. But not this season. If Chicago gets anywhere near the big game it’ll be one of the biggest upsets in recent NFL history.

After all, we’re talking about +10,000 odds, which means a $100 bet will give you a massive $10,000 payout. The bookies have made mistakes in the past, of course, but there’s nothing to suggest that this is one of those times.

The Bears could have a good season, but the Super Bowl is a step too far. Instead, it’s best to see this season for what it is: a chance to build, improve, and come back stronger next season. If we can keep making those improvements, who knows, the Bears could be genuine Super Bowl contenders within the next few years.

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