Chicago Bears: NFC North is looking wildly different right nowVincent Pariseon October 16, 2022 at 8:41 pm

The Chicago Bears played thier Week Six game on Thursday Night Football against the Washington Commanders. It was a tight low scoring game that ended with a whimper for the Bears as they came up about an inch short of getting the win.

They dropped to 2-4 after the loss. There were a lot of reasons for this final result but the inability to execute on the final play of the game for Justin Fields and the offense was the biggest.

A lot happened in this game for the Bears to feel good about and they must learn from it going forward. If they can do that, they might look better and better as the season goes along.

On Sunday, the Bears naturally didn’t have a game so everyone was able to sit back and observe the rest of the league. Now, it appears as if the NFC North Division is going in a wildly different direction than what people are used to.

The Detroit Lions had a bye week so they will take their 1-4 record into week seven. However, the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are the two teams that are going to be fighting for the division this season.

The Chicago Bears are playing in an NFC North division that is changing.

Minnesota came into their game against the Miami Dolphins at 4-1. They ended up beating them by a score of 24-16 to push their record to 5-1. It was a nice game for Kirk Cousins and his team as they continue to win close games which was a problem for them in 2021.

Green Bay is back from London looking to bounce back from a loss with a record of 3-2. Unfortunately for them, they were defeated by the New York Jets and now have a record of 3-3. Aaron Rodgers was hit a lot and the offense wasn’t able to get much going at all.

The Packers’ defense was also mostly ineffective against the Jets when it mattered the most. As a result, they lost the game by a final score of 27-10. They now trail the Vikings in the division by two games. Based on the last couple of years, that is very different from what NFL fans are used to.

It might not be the year for the Chicago Bears but with Green Bay falling off, continuing the rebuild might be the right move so that they are ready to take over the NFC North for a long time. Watching this division for the rest of the season is certainly going to be exciting.

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