Chicago Bears might be desperate for WR help after Pringle arrestVincent Pariseon April 25, 2022 at 12:00 pm

Before signing with the Chicago Bears on March 20th, 2022, Byron Pringle played the first years of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. The former Kansas State wide receiver had the great Patrick Mahomes throwing him passes there and they won the Super Bowl together.

He was a depth receiver with the Kansas City Chiefs for sure but the Bears are hoping that he can bring some of that experience with him to help the team. With a young second-year quarterback like Justin Fields, he could really make himself useful.

Unfortunately, his future is now cloudy as he was arrested over the weekend. TMZ Sports reported that he was arrested on Saturday in Florida. Police confirmed that they found him doing donuts in his car on a suspended license.

It makes it even worse when you learn that he had a young child in the car while he was doing that. They also said that he was confrontational during the interaction. That is not great news for the Chicago Bears organization.

Bears WR Byron Pringle was arrested Saturday in Florida after police say they busted him doing donuts in his Hellcat on a suspended license, with his child in the car. Cops say the 4x pro was “verbally confrontational.”

— TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) April 24, 2022

The Chicago Bears may be looking for more WR help after Byron Pringle’s arrest.

The wide receiver room, even with Pringle, is low quality. Allen Robinson is gone to the Los Angeles Rams so Darnell Mooney is now the top guy. On a very good team, Mooney is probably a number two or even number three. This is not a good situation right now.

There are a few places the Bears could go for more wide receiver depth. Pringle wasn’t/isn’t going to be the difference-maker that the Bears need anyway so this isn’t much news anyway but they need help there.

The draft is loaded with outstanding receivers for the Bears to consider. There are even a few early in the draft that could end up being good enough to play for the Bears as early as 2022. It isn’t like they are this loaded team with limited playing time.

Chicago might even be able to find a Darnell Mooney-level player later in the draft if they play their cards right. It is up to the drafting and developing team to take care of that kind of business. With Pringle getting arrested, the Bears should seriously consider their options.

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