Chicago Bears might be catching a break vs Green Bay PackersVincent Pariseon September 12, 2022 at 7:49 pm

The Chicago Bears stunned the world by beating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Of course, San Francisco is seen to have a Super Bowl-level roster but they need their new full-time quarterback Trey Lance to play well.

However, the Chicago Bears didn’t get the hype memo and defeated them at home. It was a great upset win for them as they try to have a good year despite most not thinking very highly of their roster.

The Bears winning some games will be predicated on the play of Justin Fields as he has his first full year with the trust of being the starting quarterback. It will also take discipline and maximum effort from everyone which is something that is clearly already there.

It may also take a bit of luck which might be on their side going into week two against the Green Bay Packers. In the career of Aaron Rodgers, the Bears have suffered a lot. He has beaten them way more often than he has lost to them so it is fair to be skeptical about the game.

With that said, Green Bay looked miserable in week one against the Minnesota Vikings. The Packers’ defense is supposed to be amazing but the Minnesota Vikings made it look silly. It was also obvious that Rodgers missed having Devante Adams to throw to.

The Chicago Bears might be catching a break against the Green Bay Packers.

Well, things might be a struggle again for Green Bay against the Bears. NFL insider Ian Rapoport went on The Pat McAfee Show on Monday and said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers were missing David Bakhtiari and Elgton Jenkins again on Sunday night.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if David Bakhtiari & Elgton Jenkins were out again this Sunday” ~@RapSheet#PMSOverreactionMonday #GoPackGo

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) September 12, 2022

That would be a huge break for the Chicago Bears if the Packers didn’t play them for one more week. There were thoughts that they might be able to play in week one but that never came to be. Now, it sounds like they are looking for more of a week three start for these two players.

Green Bay would see Aaron Rodgers have a much easier time if he had these two protecting him but that could be something he is missing against the Bears. That will open the door for the Chicago Bears’ defensive front to put good pressure on Rodgers.

The Bears need to play well on their own to win games too but getting a break like this early in the season could go a long way for their confidence.

Aaron Rodgers is still one of the greatest who ever lived so they need to play him hard but two stud offensive linemen missing like that is definitely a lucky gift. Hopefully, the Bears are able to take advantage if it comes true.

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