Chicago Bears may be facing doomsday scenario in their 2023 rebuild

Mel Kiper Jr, and former Chicago Bears scout Greg Gabriel are on record that the top QBs this class aren’t as good as Justin Fields.

The Chicago Bears are supposed to be able to take a big step forward toward building their team around Justin Fields this off-season.  With over $121-million in cap room and the number one overall pick and Justin Fields locked in as their starting QB the Bears don’t need to draft a QB.  They can trade down, collect draft picks, and begin forming a young core of players around Justin Fields.

But what if the Bears can’t trade down because no one wants to trade up for a subpar QB?

What’s so ridiculous about this is Fields is way better than the top QB in this class. Why would Bears want to start over … again… with a lesser player? Sapp just making stuff up

— Greg Gabriel (@ggabefootball) January 27, 2023

The Warren Sapp rumor started with the Chicago Bears packaging up Justin Fields and then drafting Bryce Young at number one.  But the absurdity of that is as Gabriel points out, none of the QBs are better than Fields so why would you start over?

Then comes Mel Kiper Jr weighing in with his thoughts on ESPN radio that the Bears won’t be able to trade down.  Kiper also added that’s a weak draft class without much talent for the Bears to add players.

Followed by CJ Stroud reportedly being the QB the Carolina Panthers are looking at in the draft, Stroud is also likely to be there at nine meaning they won’t have to trade up to get him.

CJ Stroud is reportedly the “apple” of the Carolina Panthers’ eye at the moment.

The Panthers currently hold the ninth overall pick in the NFL Draft.

The Ohio State QB is currently the favorite to be the second QB taken off the board 👀

— NFL Rookie Watch (@NFLRookieWatxh) January 27, 2023

With less than a month into the off-season for the Chicago Bears, it’s becoming clear that not only will the Bears likely struggle to gain more draft picks by trading down, but that the free agency class isn’t that great for the Bears to bring players in to rebuild their team.

It’s one thing to have resources at your disposal, it’s quite another for there to be a way to fill the holes in your team with resources available.  Historically speaking big-ticket-free agents don’t hit the market much anymore. Meaning that the Chicago Bears may struggle to field a competent enough team to make Justin Fields a better player.


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