Chicago Bears loss to Detroit Lions on Sunday was absolutely amazingVincent Pariseon November 14, 2022 at 6:45 pm

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions are both very bad football teams. Each of them has its strengths but are mostly going nowhere in 2022. However, the Bears pulled off yet another loss that should worry the entire NFL. There are a few reasons to be happy about this amazing defeat.

The Bears became the first team in NFL history to score 29 points in three straight weeks and lose all three games. That is an impressive ability to lose games that you see good things in. Justin Fields looked like a top-ten quarterback yet again and the offense cooked as a result.

The development of the second-year quarterback is the most important aspect of this season. If he didn’t take any steps this year, the new regime would have started looking for thier next guy. Luckily, he is really starting to look like the elite prospect that he was out of Ohio State.

The next good thing that came of the game is the fact that Cole Kmet has made an impact as a receiving tight end again. Seeing him get out there for passes is very important and something that can really help the Bears’ offense if he keeps it up.

The Chicago Bears are getting a lot of good play from the team right now.

Some fans might not want to hear it but it is also awesome that the Lions came back on the defense and won this game. Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn, and Roquan Smith were all traded away which made the defense bad on paper. They are playing like their roster says that they should.

As a result, even a team like the Lions is going to score some points. Now, they scored enough to beat this dynamic Bears offense which was amazing for them as they snapped a double-digit road losing streak.

Now, the Lions and Bears both have the same number of wins. The Lions also have the head-to-head too which means that the Bears have a better chance at a better draft pick. Getting that win on Sunday would not have been worth losing all of those draft slots that they would have lost.

Being bad enough to draft an impact star player in the top five while your quarterback continues to show his dominant stuff is a good spot for the Bears right now. That is why this loss to the Lions is amazing in hindsight. It would be been nice to see them win but we will be happy about it, even more, when the draft rolls around.

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