Chicago Bears Free Agency: 5 players worth the moneyon February 22, 2020 at 1:00 pm

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears could decide to open up some cap room by re-working current deals or making cuts.

This is not the topic most people are talking about with the Chicago Bears and general manager Ryan Pace. This offseason is more than likely going to be different than the last few. Chicago has little cap space to work with, as well as minimal draft capital.

But, if Pace has taught fans anything over the course of his tenure with the Bears, it’s to never underestimate what he can do. Pace has a history of making things happen, whether or not the moves end up working out for the better.

In the past, Pace has restructured current deals in order to make room financially. He has also cut ties with veterans in order to do that. Already, the Bears announced they are releasing veterans Taylor Gabrieland Prince Amukamara. Doing so, they save a little over $13 million. Next up could be Leonard Floyd, if not a few more.

Chicago has a few major needs to fill, including tight end and offensive line. Those are the two everybody is talking about, but will Pace make room to sign upper echelon players? That’s the real question.

Now, while I don’t see it as a strong possibility, we have to keep that in mind. Pace could end up working his magic, opening up some more cap room and signing a player which fans hadn’t thought was a real possibility.

Which players would be worth the money, though? There are some obvious, notable names out there on the market. We can probably cross off guys like Tom Brady and Jadeveon Clowney; and honestly, the Bears don’t need a guy like Clowney.

The following few names are guys which would not only be worth the money, but change things drastically for the Bears, regardless of need.

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