Chicago Bears finally all in on winning following Monday Night FootballJames Mackeyon October 26, 2022 at 6:00 pm

After an eccentric Monday Night Football win, it feels like the Chicago Bears have found their stride. They are pacing in the correct direction and a lot of that can be credited to not only the play on the field but the entirety of the coaching staff.

After weeks of tumultuous play, it seems as if the Bears finally got the memo that football is a team sport and in order to win, there has to be a full team effort.

The defense was remarkable. Jaquan Brisker had an amazing pick that ended Mac Jones’ night and Roquan Smith had eight of the defense’s 48 tackles. They also forced the Patriots to punt the ball away four times which is amazing.

On a wet and rainy day similar to that of opening day in Chicago, Justin Fields was trusted to throw the ball and the usage of the run game was only in opportunities where it was needed.

The Chicago Bears won a big game led by Matt Eberflus and Justin Fields.

Fields tossed for 179 yards with one touchdown. He also had one on the ground. It seemed as if his receivers had stepped up and locked in on a deeper level than they started the season on. Fields only threw seven incompletions and one interception.

Sure, Fields still took some licks but that can be expected after losing lineman Lucas Patrick early in the game.

Following the game, Matt Eberflus’ voice resonated nationwide and his postgame speech shows that he is just as in on winning, as the rest of the team, and the fanbase. The leadership that he displays is second to none in recent Bears history right now.

The Bears are on the cusp of a great end to the season, and finally firing on all cylinders. Not saying a playoff run is imminent or that the Bears are going to win the Super Bowl, but now gameday may not be as bad for Bears fans.

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