Chicago Bears fans respond back to a hostile ESPN crew

Chicago Bears fans didn’t like the color commentators Thursday.

The Chicago Bears were dominant in a 27-11 win over the Seattle Seahawks in Thursday’s preseason game. The Bears did a lot of good things in the win. However, it’s still preseason. What we see during these games won’t mean much of anything in three weeks.

While the Bears were busy dominating on the field. The ESPN crew calling the game didn’t seem to give the Bears much praise for their performance. Not surprising, earlier in the day ESPN analysts were quick to proclaim the Bears the worst team in the NFL heading into the 2022 season.

They constantly belittled the Bears roster while giving favorable remarks to the Seahawks. (Sure, the Seahawks had a lot of players missing for the game, but they looked fundamentally worse all around than the Bears.)

Bears fans took to Twitter to tell the world just how bad ESPN was calling the game:

What are the odds that we hear Dan Orlovsky apologize to the Bears (again) this season.
The hate this man spews is wild.

Dan Orlovsky just said that Fields is in the worst QB situation in the entire NFL. Bruh……

This ESPN broadcast team is soooo bad.
Louis Riddick and Dan Orlovsky need less air time.
They just called Sean Desai…Ryan Poles? 😬

What I liked tonight:
Da Bears
What I disliked tonight:
Pete Carroll using 3 timeouts w/ 30 seconds left in a 2 score preseason game
Whatever, we got that dub 🐻⬇️

I love how the Bears have been curb stomping Seattle the whole game and I have heard little to no praise from the espn broadcast crew. Orlovsky has always been a clown and Riddick must just be pissed about the Bears not hiring him

Does Dan Orlovsky like literally have a personal vendetta against the #Bears?

Is Orlovsky calling the whole game??? I may have to mute the tv 😑😑😑

“Maybe we can credit Chicago a little bit” pules Dan Orlovsky, bitter that Chicago is beating mighty Seattle.

This ESPN crew of Riddick, Orlovsky, and Levy is brutal. Constantly misnaming people, acting like the Bears are getting their ass kicked while they’re dominating, and consistently giving the Bears ZERO credit throughout. Bears are not good, but are far from the worst team in NFL.

The ESPN broadcast was atrocious tonight. The Bears dominated and yet the broadcast booth still clowned on the Bears. Dan Orlovsky does not know ball. He tried to justify us being bad by saying that he went 0-16 after going 4-0 in preseason. Yes, YOU went 0-16. We have not.

I think Riddick, Orlovsky and Levy didn’t take many notes on Chicago so it’s easier for them to talk about Seattle. Keep playing hard Fellaz, keep playing hard!!!

The ESPN crew was so prepared for the Bears to look sloppy tonight. 🤣

1st half analysis
Bears: pretty good
Seahawks: pretty bad
ESPN: pretty terrible

Folk are acting like they are genuinely shocked by the poor coverage of the Bears game by ESPN. It’s been the same all off-season!

@NFL Better bring some respect to the next Bears game. Obviously it’s only preseason but ESPN embarrassed themselves with lopsided support for a terrible Seattle team last night

@greggabe This broadcasting crew was fucking awful. Their Seattle bias was clearly evident throughout the entire game. They had a pregame narrative and when the Bears shit all over it, they were left with nothing and were grasping at straws. Classic ESPN.

@danorlovsky7 Congrats…now apologize for how you wanted the Bears to look terrible and we can all go back to thinking you’re the only reason to watch ESPN.

I assume we’ll continue to see this narrative into at least the early part of the regular season.

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