Chicago Bears fans are irrationally exuberant for 2022 season

Chicago Bears fans have a lot of positive social media posts

Chicago Bears fans are a little separated from reality this offseason. And possibly more than any other NFL team’s fanbase if the stats by Betway Insider are any indication. October could be a rough month for Bears boards.

Most analyst projections have the Bears struggling to win many games this season. PFF ranks several Bears units either second to last or dead last. And a cursory look at the Bears roster would suggest fans need to add a tall boy to go with their Sunday six-pack for the 17 weeks from hell starting September 11th.

Betway used Linkfluence to measure the optimism of NFL fanbases. The Bears were first in positive posts during this offseason.

According to @betway, here is the likeability of NFL teams using @linkfluence. #Bears lead the way, which means, according to the methodology, their fans had the most positive posts this offseason.

More positive than the Rams or Chiefs?

Chicago Bears fans don’t have too many reasons to be positive

I get Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are gone and that’s one reason to be positive. But the replacements Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles are unproven. The roster is terrible. And we have no way of knowing if Justin Fields is any good or not.

If those reasons are enough for Bears fans to be positive, the collective trauma of this group might need to be studied to find a new mental disorder. Some posts I’ve seen personally are about hoping 2023 and 2024 are where it’s at. Which is another kind of crazy.

Either way, most Bears fans aren’t putting their money where their mouth is. The Bears and Houston Texans are the only two NFL teams without a $1,000 bet to win the Super Bowl.

Every NFL team has drawn at least one $1,000+ wager to win the 2023 Super Bowl at @CaesarsSports except for the…
Bears and Texans

I think that says more than what some fans post after a few shots of The Macallan.

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