Chicago Bears face monumental task in beating Patriots at home

Bill Belichick is on the verge of surpassing Chicago Bears George Halas for second all time on the NFL head coaching win total list.

Belichick is on top of that list because he is so good against first and second-year quarterbacks at home.  Since 2003 Belichick has compiled a 42-3 record against young QBs.  Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields is likely to struggle mightily against the Patriots defense.  Belichick is one of the most consistent defensive masterminds in the league’s history.

He sees weaknesses on tape and attacks them and Fields has yet to develop the confidence in what he’s seeing to make plays.  It’s getting to the point with Justin Fields that he needs to start taking more risks as Chicago Bears QB in order to put the Bears in a position to win games.  On the season Justin Fields has only four touchdowns to 5 interceptions.  To say that Justin Fields has been conservative is an understatement, or maybe he’s just not seeing what needs to be seen to make plays.

The “Not So Good” Part Kurt Warner Breaks Down Justin Fields and the Bears Offensive Woes – YouTube

There is little doubt that the Chicago Bears have to play conservatively because of the massive pass-blocking failure that exists up front, but that changes this week with Lucas Patrick moving to center and Zach Schofield taking over at left guard.  The hope is Sam Mustipher was the biggest problem with pass protection, but that’s doubtful given how awful Patrick has been as well as tackles Braxton Jones and Larry Borom.  Mustipher finally being benched hopefully leads to Patrick taking over the protection calls and that leads to better pass blocking for Justin Fields.

The Chicago Bears need to establish the run game early and then hope it opens up the play-action pass game.  This is where Fields needs to be more aggressive.  He needs to take advantage of his accuracy down the field and cut it loose regardless of what he thinks he’s seeing and try to throw his receivers open instead of waiting for them to come open.

Fields’ failures right now are a familiar failure to Bears fans.  Jay Cutler was also one who could never develop the rhythm necessary to throw his receivers open.  No matter which offense Cutler was in, he could never throw with timing.  Fields is also struggling with the same issue which if this is a habit he can’t overcome may prevent him from reaching his full potential.


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