Chicago Bears: Did Ryan Poles take the right approach at Wide Receiver?Dominique Blantonon September 29, 2022 at 9:30 pm

Chicago Bears fans came into the 2022 offseason with the hope that Justin Fields will take off in his second year. With former Bears coach Matt Nagy getting fired and no longer putting his young quarterback in bad situations.

It was one of the main reasons to expect Fields to show significant improvement in year two. The other main reason, the Bears would be hiring a new general manager that will put the proper infrastructure around Fields for him to be able to play up to his potential.

Us Bears fans assumed that would be hiring the right offensive mind to get the most out of Fields’ potential. The other, is the new general manager making it a point of emphasis to put together a strong wide receiver room to accelerate his development. The Bears went with a defensive coach in Matt Eberflus as their new head coach. A hire that had fans puzzled considering the young talent you have at QB.

The Bears hired former Packers QB coach Luke Getsy to be the next offensive coordinator. They further put together a respectable offensive coaching staff around Fields. The attention however was focused on one area of the team. Fans wanted to know from their new GM

Will Chicago Bears newly GM put a respectable passing offense around his young talented quarterback or sacrifice this year for future greater pastures?

Poles’ decision to not add significant difference makers on the outside is starting to take its toll. He did not splurge big in free agency, opting to go the bargain bin route with guys like Byron Pringle and Equanimeous St. Brown. Neither one has separated themselves to be difference makers in the passing attack. Pringle when not hurt is showing why he was at the bottom of the Kansas City Chiefs’ pecking order in their passing offense.

It is safe to say that Pringle is finding out how hard life is when Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill are not commending so much attention. St. Brown has outperformed Pringle despite signing for lesser money than Pringle, but we are starting to see get a clear indication of what he is as a WR in this league.

The draft strategy will remain a hot-button topic in the Chicago Bears fan base. Poles having two 2nds round picks and choosing two defensive backs with those picks was bold. At the time, the Bears should have added more to the skill position other than Velus Jones Jr. Instead, Poles took the long approach to fix the passing offense.

The long approach? Knowing that the Bears will be more than well off in terms of the salary cap in 2023 compared to this past offseason. Not to mention all their draft picks starting next year. Ideally you hope the Bears improve at the WR position so much it pushes a guy like Darnell Mooney down to a #3 WR.

For right now, the Bears’ offense must heavily rely on what is working for them. Lean on the running game until the passing game has a breakthrough.

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