Chicago Bears’ Darnell Mooney gives epic response to question about Justin FieldsRyan Heckmanon June 16, 2022 at 10:30 pm

Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp is in full swing, and with a couple of practices in the books, folks are writing the narratives that they want to spin.

From the offense having a bad day during the first practice, and then turning it around on the second day, fans can expect hot and cold reports from all different directions. But, we have to remember: it’s June.

This is minicamp. It’s not even training camp. The pads are off. Contact is prohibited. These are essentially workouts and walk-throughs. But, they are important to an extent, especially for second-year quarterback Justin Fields.

The Bears are counting on Fields in a big way this coming season, and ensured the pressure would be on his shoulders by not adding a true, legitimate threat at wide receiver this offseason. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have weapons.

One of the top breakout picks for the 2022 season, Darnell Mooney, sees big things coming for he and his quarterback, no matter what is said outside of Halas Hall.

After one of the first Chicago Bears minicamp practices, Darnell Mooney had an epic answer to a question about Justin Fields.

Following one of the first practices, Mooney held his media availability and gave us all a thorough, enjoyable 10 minutes or so. But, one of the questions and answers that stuck out should give fans a whole lot of “inject this into my veins” type of energy.

“Where have you seen him take the greatest strides over the last couple of months?” Mooney was asked.

Mooney went on with a fairly lengthy answer, but this was by far the best snippet:

“Just locking in and … he wants to take over the league… He wants to be the best quarterback in the league. I have unbelievable faith that he’ll be there. His success is my success.”

First off, hearing a teammate publicly say that Fields wants to take over the league and be the best in the game is certainly an eye-popping moment. Obviously, every starting quarterback is a competitor and wants to be great. But, Fields has a quiet confidence about him. You can sense that he does, indeed, want to be great.

Second, Mooney gets it. He understands how this thing works.

“His success is my success.”

This particular quote is an absolutely epic response by Mooney, because it shows that he understands how a team game works. He knows that, for him to have success, then Fields must be successful — and vice versa.

So, while a lot of it is, in fact, on Fields’ shoulders, his no. 1 wide receiver understands that a lot of that pressure also falls on him as well.

This is a quarterback-wide receiver relationship where you can truly see a strong, lasting bond that’s been formed. Mooney has the utmost confidence in Fields, and although the rest of the world continues to doubt this team, the two of them are ready to set the league on fire.

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