Chicago Bears: 3 possible unexpected contributors in 2022Josh De Lucaon May 30, 2022 at 1:00 pm

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Every NFL season there are unexpected contributors on every team. Before the season, some of these players weren’t expected to play at all, or if they were, it would be in limited capacity, usually as relief due to another player getting injured.

Every player on an NFL roster has some sort of talent or skill that got them there, it’s just a matter of if their particular skillset works in the system they are in, and if it meshes with the players around them.

A perfect example of this is former Chicago Bear, Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson has always been a solid piece to every team he has been on. In his two years in Chicago, Patterson was a First-team All-Pro in both his seasons as a kick returner.

Obviously a much-needed player to have on your roster, but besides his return skillset, Patterson was almost non-existent in any other area. Having not rushed for more than 235 yards or 135 receiving yards in either season, the Bears ended up moving on from after the 2020 season.

Many NFL teams have a player or two who provides more production than they predicted. The Chicago Bears might have a few.

In 2021, Patterson found his way onto the Atlanta Falcons. Out of nowhere, Patterson exploded for the best offensive season of his career. He posted 618 yards and 6 TDs on the ground, and 548 yards and 5TD’s in the air, making him arguably the best player on the Falcons offense.

Not a lot of players have the unexpected explosion that Patterson had, but every team has unexpected players who do more for the team than they were expected to pre-season.

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