Bulls starting lineup overalls leaked for NBA 2k23

Overall ratings have been leaked for the Chicago Bulls starters in NBA 2K23

With the release of NBA 2k23 only about 2 months away, fans and gamers alike are eagerly anticipating the new game, with updated rosters and overalls to reflect the past offseason. While the Bulls did not make any moves that should impact the starting lineup, fans are always excited to see how their team will stack up in the new game. Luckily for Bulls fans, we don’t need 2 more months to see how our starting lineup will look in the new game.

According to Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans, the rankings for the starting five are as follows:

Lonzo Ball: 81

After opening 2k22 with an 82 overall, Ball has declined by 1 overall after his first season in Chicago. Despite last season being his best in terms of field goal percentage, three point percentage, steals per game, and blocks per game, the Bulls’ point guard played only 35 games last season, and his slight decrease is likely due to the questions regarding his health heading into the 2022-23 campaign.

Zach LaVine: 86

LaVine opened last season at an 87 overall, and despite a season as an All-Star, the Bulls’ shooting guard’s splits did decrease slightly from the season before. His production also decreased slightly from the year before, but most of this could be due to the introduction of DeRozan as a teammate and a high-volume scorer. Lavine was able to get his rating up to an 88 by the end of last season, so a similar progression is hopefully in play for the star guard.

DeMar DeRozan: 88

DeRozan started last season as an 85 overall and by February, he was up to a 91. NBA 2k has brought the guard/forward back to Earth a little bit, but still, DeRozan is the highest rated Bull for this season. Alongside Lavine, the two create a lethal one-two scoring punch that is rivaled by few teams across the NBA. However, as a player that was at least mentioned in the MVP voting only a season ago, it is somewhat surprising to see DeRozan not break a 90 overall.

Patrick Williams: 75

Bulls’ fans seem to be some of the only people nationally that truly understand Williams’ impact, and how different the team looks when he is playing versus when he is not. Williams started last season as a 75 overall as well, eventually declining to a 74 by the end of the season, but his value, especially on the defensive end of the court, is clear to even casual viewers. As a career 40% 3pt shooter, Williams is a solid 3-and-D player, and his overall should rise as the young forward looks to go to the next level in his 3rd season.

Nikola Vucevic: 82

Vucevic was certainly, at least in 2k’s eyes, the most volatile Bulls’ starter last season, as the former Orlando Magic center started the season as an 85 overall, dropped all the way to an 81, and then rose back up to an 83 by the end of the season. Now at an 82, Vucevic struggled last year as a shooter, but still averaged a double-double with nearly 20 points. This is pretty good production out of a veteran center who may not even be the third option when the team is healthy, but as 2k showed last year, they are more than willing to increase his rating if necessary.

These leaks tell us little about the bench players who will be big in certain situations for the real-life Chicago Bulls’, such as Alex Caruso, Coby White, and even the newly acquired Andre Drummond, but for the video game team, the starting lineup average an 82.8 overall. This shows that the Bulls’ have a talented starting lineup with little to no weaknesses, but we will likely have to wait until September to see how this stacks up in the Eastern Conference and across the NBA.

Who do you think in the Bulls’ starting lineup is ranked too high or too low? Who will improve the most in game throughout the NBA season? And how do you expect this team to stack up with other starting lineups in the game?

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