Bulls-Knicks have had discussions about a Zach LaVine trade

NEW YORK – Bulls coach Billy Donovan said on Tuesday that he didn’t expect the Bulls to completely blow-up the roster, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t at least entertain a few big swings.

With just over an hour left until the NBA trade deadline comes and goes, a source said the Bulls and New York Knicks were revisiting talks about two-time All-Star Zach LaVine that broke off on Wednesday night.

The issue remained the players involved, but it would entail the Bulls getting some draft capital back.

As far as how LaVine would do with Tom Thibodeau as his new coach? Not an issue. LaVine always spoke very highly about Thibodeau and the one season they shared together in Minnesota, saying back in 2020, “Look, I understand the business of basketball. Yeah, he traded me, but for that one season he did coach me, he gave me an opportunity. He put the ball in the hands of 20, 21-year-old kid and said, ‘Go hoop.’ That’s bigger than the business of basketball.”

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