Bulls’ Alex Caruso can’t change uniform number to honor Bill Russell

Alex Caruso did his research in trying to change his No. 6 jersey last month, but found out there were roadblocks.

Following the death of NBA legend Bill Russell in July, the NBA announced that the Hall of Famer’s No. 6 would be permanently retired. Players currently wearing that number were grandfathered in, but Caruso wanted to honor Russell by making the switch.

One problem … make that 75 of them.

“The NBA told me I couldn’t because I was in the top 75 of jersey sales. So that’s like a rule, which, shout-out to me,” Caruso said smirking and pretending to pat himself on the back. “No, I looked into it and obviously want to do nothing but honor him and his legacy and what he stood for. He’s one of the pioneers, a racial advocate for the game of basketball in general and just an all-around great person.

“Probably next year I’ll look into getting another number.”

All players in the NBA will wear a No. 6 patch on their uniforms next season. Caruso will be the last player in franchise history to wear No. 6 for the Bulls.

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