Brian Urlacher shows ignorance on Chicago Bears’ stadium plans

Brian Urlacher is still bitter about how things ended in Chicago and it seems he doesn’t like the city that embraced him for his entire career.

Brian Urlacher held a 50-minute podcast conversation with Jay Cutler recently and the two could have been more idiotic in their takes.  Most notably Urlacher came with two gems from his home in Arizona where he takes a swipe at Chicago in February and the Bears’ plans to put a dome on their new stadium.

“Don’t put a dome on that thing,” former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said on Jay Cutler’s podcast. “Don’t put a dome on a new stadium. They can’t do that.”

Brian Urlacher is beyond silly with this statement, ideally, the Bears put up a domed stadium that also has a retractable roof to go with it.  Much like his hometown Arizona Cardinals who also have a retractable dome stadium and a retractable field the Bears could build a stadium that does both.  The weather in Chicago in mid-November is still suitable for outdoor stadium play.

Brian Urlacher then further shows his ignorance by claiming the city of Chicago can’t host a Super Bowl in February because it’s too cold.

“Who the f–k wants to be in Chicago in February? Nobody,” Urlacher said. “Chicago ain’t getting no Super Bowl. It’s too f–king cold.”

Meanwhile, the McCormick Place plaza is ideally suited to host numerous NFL events during Super Bowl week.   Chicago’s top-notch restaurant scene is also perfect for all of the exclusive parties that happen during the week.  It’s as if Brian Urlacher never ventured into Chicago beyond going to his in-season home and to Halas Hall and back to the stadium for games.

Chicago is one of the best cities to host a Super Bowl.  There’s no rule that states the events involved with the Super Bowl beyond the game have to occur outside.

As soon as the new retractable roof stadium is built plus the supporting infrastructure that will be built on the Arlington Heights property also likely capable of supporting the big one, the Bears should host a Super Bowl.

There’s little doubt that if the city of Chicago is given the chance to host a Super Bowl, it will be one of the best-hosted Super Bowls in the history of the league.

With so many former Bears players who have embraced the city of Chicago and have remained here in Chicago, Urlacher looks like a bitter pompous ass.  The city of Chicago is one of the best in the world and the evidence is here with the true Bears players who have remained here for years.  From Walter Payton and his kids to Olin Kreutz Alex Brown, and Gary Fencik among many others, the best  Bears have remained in the city of broad shoulders.

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