Brian Urlacher hints some CTE claims by former NFL players are fabricated

Brian Urlacher had this to say about CTE lawsuits

Former Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher made some inflammatory comments about former NFL players recently. In a podcast, Urlacher hinted that some former NFL players made up having CTE to get money.

Urlacher joined Will Compton for the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast. One of the subjects of conversation was about brain injuries that come with playing football. Compton asked Urlacher if he worries about having complications from CTE.

Via Mediaite, here’s Urlacher’s response:

“I feel like I’m decently sharp still. You know, there’s some things I forget, but my friends forget shit too,” Urlacher said. “I feel like I’m still doing pretty well. There are some guys I played with who claimed — I don’t know, here’s the problem now with all the guys with the CTE, if they do have it, I feel for them, but there’s guys who say they have it just so they can be in the fucking lawsuit,” Urlacher replied.

“They want that money from the NFL and I get it, man. You know, everyone wants to get there due, but there’s really guys that have it, that deserve to be taken care of. And there’s the guys that don’t have it who want to be — who want to have it just so they can get part of that lawsuit and that just drives me crazy,”

Probably not the best comment to make…

Brian Urlacher is a linebacker, not a physician

Brian Urlacher tried to toe the line by admitting some cases were legitimate. But I’m not sure where he was trying to go with his statement. His specialty was football, and more specifically, the linebacker position. Urlacher is not a physician and has no way to verify if a player has CTE or not.

It’s also poor taste for Urlacher to make that comment as an ex-Bears player. Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon has opened up about his struggles with CTE. If Urlacher has insider knowledge on NFL players making fraudulent claims, I’d like for him to name one name. Otherwise, he’s just talking out his ass.

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