Bret Bielama and Illinois Football vs. Michigan State 11/5

Illinois Football moves to 7-1 and has the Michigan State Spartans who are wrapped in turmoil this week at home.

A quick recap of last week vs. Nebraska where the recipe was just as I said to win the game in Nebraska. Feed Chase Brown and have Tommy DeVito work off play fakes. Tommy DeVito was 20 of 22 for 179 and 2 touchdowns. That is beautiful efficiency and it has to do in large part to the work horse Chase Brown who had 32 carries for 149 and a touchdown. He also had 3 receptions with a touchdown as well. The defense is really incredible and truly allowed Illinois to find their game in the second half as neither side was able to break through too much in the first half. Overall great team win.

Michigan State stinks this year and you could see it from a mile away. Kenneth Walker was their whole entire team last year. Literally just him. Their secondary was miserable last year as was shown when Ohio State embarrassed them and just ran around them like they were on the playground. Their QB last year who is heir QB this year was horrible in Payton Thorne. I’ve talked about him already and how miserable he was and still is. Kenneth Walker was everything for them and more people are realizing that now as he is dominating as a rookie for Seattle. Mel Tucker is a decent coach that much is true but can you imagine after one season that was carried by one player you receive a $95 million dollar contract for 10 years. Jimbo Fisher got the same treatment at Texas A&M but he has a track record technically and a National Championship.

The final thing I’ll mention about Michigan State is the fight they found themselves in after the game. Not sure if it was really a fight it’s basically 10 Michigan State players against one Michigan guy. No clue why that Michigan guy was even there in the first place but he doesn’t deserve to get jumped like that. Either way Michigan State has suspended 8 players and the bad season gets even worse heading into a matchup they probably expected to win at the beginning of the year.

As for Illinois Football it is wonderful to see the issues following last Saturday with Michigan State. Being a superstitious person I have to say Illinois Football obviously has to take this game as serious as ever because one thing about Mel Tucker is that he is a motivator and will have players ready to hit this Saturday. Illinois has to make sure they crush their spirit early so that they fall back into their old ways of being bad and unmotivated. Playing at Memorial Stadium is going to be great as the fans have waited a good three weeks to see the Illini at home.

The plan is simple when you look at what got you to 7-1. Defense plays lights out and forces turnovers. Feed the ball to Chase Brown and allow DeVito to have success off play action. The recipe is there and they know it but it comes down to execution this Saturday. Bret Bielama is a heck of a coach and his preparation this year has shown. With great preparation by Bielama and rising confidence each week by the players Illinois football is looking good this weekend and beyond.

There are still plenty of games to play but I know we are all looking at this Michigan game in a couple weeks and wondering about Illinois Football chances if they lose. Well Illinois Football is still in the drivers seat if Michigan is their only remaining loss. They need to beat Purdue at home after this week and Illinois Football is heading to Indianapolis. If only Michigan could play Illinois football in Champaign this year it would be absolutely wild there.

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