Breaking down the 2022 NHL Draft Selection for the Blackhawks

Breaking down the narrative of the Blackhawks NHL draft picks at an early stage.

The Chicago Blackhawks have some new faces that have fans excited. After a wild 2022 NHL Draft selection class, and from what has transpired it looks like Chicago were winners by adding much needed speed with skill to an ailing lineup, given the need was to build for the future.

The shift takes forth towards the farm-team and how they will develop the players mentally and physically, with one to say a few who will be suiting up this upcoming season for the Blackhawks, after evaluating the players in the pre-season time frame.

For one, it is time to believe that there is promise and to believe that this will shape up the future of Blackhawks history once again, due to the reason the dynasty that had started in 2010 had taken its time to develop. But with today’s game and good old hockey, the team may develop faster, depending on the developmental team associated with the organization.

Why general manager made these particular moves was because of the need to build now for the purpose of dumping two hefty contracts and making room for the cap space for next year, and providing the team with enough room to make more bold acquisitions to fit the teams needs as well.

The big question is how far along would the new draft picks take them at an early stage?

Given that the defense is the strongest feat of the team at this time, it was wise to go with two defensemen and build on a stable selection that gives the team that much added depth to help with managing the team’s focus on on offense.

Breaking the limit on the defense system in the NHL for Chicago.

Not only does it help with veterans like Seth Jones, who will look to lead the rookies, but also pieces such as Jake McCabe and Eric Gustafsson.

The upside of the forwards and wingers from this past draft is that most of them will play in the farm leagues for at least one more year before being recalled, but the main ideal concern is how far will these youngsters take this team during the season and hopefully come playoffs.

On a positive note however, come this free agency it is evident general manager Kyle Davidson will not be holding back and the offer to moves will be making there way out there.

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