Brandon Marshall takes shot at Bears ownership

Former Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall took a shot at the team’s ownership

In a recent interview with the podcast show “Pardon My Take” former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall took a shot at the owners for the way they handle team operations.  The Bears had a reputation for being notoriously cheap in the way they paid their players.  Over the last decade however, they’ve done more to pay players in free agency and paying their own players they developed as draft picks.

In other aspects of their organization the Bears have managed to keep from spending money within the development of the team.  Marshall alluded to this in his interview stating, “like a mom and pop like a little pizza place and that’s how the Chicago Bears are run.”

The Bears were known to have below average facilities up until former coach John Fox came in and encouraged the Bears to upgrade Halas Hall.  They finally did that under Ryan Pace’s regime, completing them in 2019.

This upgrade in facilities was not a part of Marshall’s time in Chicago.  The Bears did a lot to upgrade in the last few years and are moving towards building a better stadium.  All that being said however it does make you wonder what else the Bears don’t do or are behind on as a result of their small business mentality.

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