Better than the Kentucky Derby shocker, Berkowitz w/Pastor Corey Brooks, Part 2, on fixing the violence and poverty on the So. Side of Chicago, Cable & Web

Better than the Kentucky Derby shocker, Berkowitz w/Pastor Corey Brooks, Part 2, on fixing the violence and poverty on the So. Side of Chicago, Cable & Web

Pastor Brooks believes his new $35 million Center will help deal with CPS’ failure to teach students to read at grade level, especially for blacks, of which only 15% of 11th graders can read at grade level.  You can watch our Pastor Corey Brooks show, Part 2, 24/7 by clicking here.

When Pastor Brooks sees such statistics as only 15% of black CPS 11th graders read at grade level, he “Wants to cry.” He wants to say to Dem and GOP politicians” “Do you not see this.”   

Part 2 of our interview with Pastor Brooks airs on cable in Chicago:

Tonight, 8:30 pm and midnight, Ch. 21Tomorrow night, 9:02 pm Ch  21 (CAN TV), as the lead segment  of a 2 hour IL Channel package. The package airs around the state this week on various other outlets at various other times.Saturday morning, 9:02 am, Ch 21 (as the lead segment of the package)Sunday morning, 8:32 am, Ch 19 (as the lead segment of the package)

When kids can’t read at grade level, Brooks says they are more likely to drop out of school and turn to gangs, the streets, guns and violent behavior as a “Path to affirmation.”

Brooks says the new Center will be one of the few safe places for kids and adults to go to in Woodlawn, Chatham and Englewood in order to relax and to get help with academics, learn a trade, see how to become an entrepreneur or learn basic life skills. Ultimately, the Center will help transform the residents and South side communities so that adults can take care of themselves and their families.

The Center’s location will be just across the street from Brooks’ New Beginnings Church, where he has been preaching for the last twenty years and which also serves as the home for Project H.O.O.D. 

Although Democrats have super-majorities in the State House and State Senate and control the Mayor’s office and City Council, as well as most of the levers of State Government, Berkowitz and Brooks say that Republicans are also guilty of not trying to use their bully pulpits to address the educational and violence existential issues on the South Side of Chicago.

Show host Berkowitz and Pastor Brooks ask why so few of those politicians, such as Gov. Pritzker and Speaker Welch will join the CEOs and come sit for lunch or dinner with Brooks on his temporary residence- a make shift roof top at 66th and King Drive across the street from his Church to (1) hear and obtain a better feel for the sounds and sights of violence and horror that the kids and adults must deal with every day and (2) strategize how to raise the additional $ 24 million needed to construct the Leadership and Economic Opportunity Center so needed by those kids and adults.

Brooks, Part 2 also airs this week on cable in:

Aurora: Wed. & Saturday, 6 pm, Ch 10 andRockford: & nearby suburbs, Thursday, 8:30 pm, Ch. 17


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