Berkowitz discusses w/Mark Curran, GOP nominee for the IL Supreme Court, 2nd District seat, abortion, why IL is so Pro-abort, Curran’s “Calling for the Court,” impartiality, natural law and much more!

Berkowitz discusses w/Mark Curran, GOP nominee for the IL Supreme Court, 2nd District seat, abortion, why IL is so Pro-abort, Curran’s “Calling for the Court,” impartiality, natural law and much more!

Watch 24/7 this week’s Public Affairs’ show featuring GOP IL Supreme Court nominee Mark Curran by clicking here.

Watch the show on Cable:

In Chicago, Ch 21, tonight, 8:30 pm and midnightIn Chicago, Ch. 21, tmw, Tuesday, 9:04 pmIn Chicago, Ch. 21, Saturday, 9:04 amIn Chicago, Ch. 19, Sunday, 8:34 am In Aurora, (comprised mostly of areas within IL S CT’s 2nd District),  Ch 10, Wed, Saturday & Monday at 6 pmIn Rockford, Ch 17, Thur, 8:30 pmAround the State, as the lead segment of this week’s IL Channel, two-hour packageMcHenry and Lake County, 58 suburbs, Next Tuesday, July 26, 8:30 pm, Ch 17;(25 Chicago Metro N & NW suburbs), Next Tuesday, July 26, 8:30 pm, Ch 19 & 35  Highland Park, Next Monday & Wed, July 25, 27, 8:30 pm, Ch 19 (Highland Park residents, if registered, are eligible to vote in the Nov. 8, 2022, IL Supreme Court 2nd District race.


Public Affairs” show host Jeff Berkowitz, in Part 1 of 2 shows, interviews Mark Curran (R-Libertyville), who won a four-candidate GOP Primary on June 28, and now is the Republican nominee in the November 8 election contest for the 2nd District IL Supreme Court seat.

The Democrats now have a 4-3 majority in the IL Supreme Court. Justice Michael Burke (R-Elmhurst), who was appointed to the 2nd District seat on the IL Supreme Court about two years ago, to fill the vacancy created when Bob Thomas, former Chicago Bears kicker retired, is now running for election in the 3rd District, due to the Democrats redistricting him and the rest of DuPage county into theIL Supreme Court 3rd District. Burke, being taped tmw, will be on Public Affairs in two week.

The Court’s 2nd and 3rd Districts were “Red,” so the IL Democratic Party redistricted both seats to be purple. But many pundits think the 2nd and 3rd District seats are likely to go Republican this year if there is a national GOP wave. If that happens, the IL GOP would have a majority [4-3] on the 7 seat IL Supreme Court for the first time in sixty years.

The IL Constitution provides that the IL Supreme Court 1st District, consisting only of Cook County, which comprises about 40% of the IL population, elects three of the seven IL Supreme Court seats. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Districts each elect one supreme court member and each district consists of various groupings of IL’s counties. After 2021 re-districting, each IL Supreme Court Justice is elected by county groupings totaling to about 1.8 million residents.

The IL Supreme Court’s 2nd District consists of Lake, McHenry, Kendall, Kane, and DeKalb counties. Only registered voters in those districts can vote in the IL 2nd District election. Berkowitz discusses with GOP IL S CT 2nd District nominee Mark Curran his background, experience, and professional qualifications for the IL Supreme Court.

Curran was an Assistant State’s Attorney for Lake County, IL for eight years (serving as a Senior Felony Prosecutor) and spent four years as an Assistant Attorney General (serving as a Gang Crime Bureau Chief) with the IL Attorney General’s office.

Curran was elected to Lake County Sheriff in 2006 as a Democrat, became a Republican in 2008 and was re-elected to the Sheriff position again in 2010 and 2014 as a Republican.

Curran has over the years, including his government work and eight years in private practice, tried more than 100 jury trials and 300 bench cases. Although Curran could not, due to the Canons of legal ethics, say or discuss how he would rule on any matters that might come before him as a Justice, he did discuss in Part 1 of the interview general issues relating to the law and his personal views about abortion, including the recent U S Supreme Court Dobbs case.

In part 2 of the interview, which will air as the “Public Affairs” show during the weeks of July 25 and August 1, Berkowitz and Curran discuss gun issues and the law, including some issues relating to the July 4th shooting in Highland Park, the IL Firearms Restraining Order Act, skyrocketing crime, and detention by the courts of defendants prior to their trial.     

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