Benching Justin Fields: Bears Fans React To Decision

The Bears are benching Justin Fields in Week 18

The Chicago Bears announced Wednesday they were benching Justin Fields against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 18. The decision comes days after head coach Matt Eberflus said he planned to play Fields against the Vikings following a drubbing on New Year’s Day in Detroit.

The development stands in stark contrast to Eberflus’ earlier claim that the Bears were trying to win this season. After the 41-10 blowout to the Lions, the Bears are trying to lose. Eberflus is known for waiting until the final moments to deliver any information on the starting quarterback situation until he has to. (Think about the situation in Week 12 against the Jets.) He named Nathan Peterman the starter for Week 18 Wednesday, allowing the Vikings ample time to prepare for one of the worst quarterbacks in NFL history.

Eberflus hinted on Monday that the first-year head coach is abdicating control over game-week decisions to general manager Ryan Poles. Poles appears to have wanted to curb Fields’ season short in between Eberflus comments on Sunday afternoon and his Monday press conference. The move to bench Fields will cost the second-year quarterback a chance at Lamar Jackson’s single-season rushing record.

It’s a clustermuck of management by Poles and Eberflus since Fields injury against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 11. After sitting out against the Jets, Fields risked his health to play meaningless games with an already injured offense. Eberflus wanted to win; Poles didn’t step in.

Now that Fields has a chance to unlock an achievement to reach financial gain in the future, Poles is pulling the plug on his season. This decision should have come before they played a bad defense like the Vikings. Fields took on the Philadelphia Eagles and Buffalo Bills in terrible conditions and against good defenses.

Bears fans react to the news

Bears fans reacted to the team benching Justin Fields on Wednesday. Some fans think it was a wise move. Others can’t help but wonder why the management seems to have created an unholy mess in executing a God-awful plan in a likely 3-14 season. Why didn’t this move come earlier? This reeks of amateurism by a first-year general manager and head coach. There’s nothing logical about how they’ve handled the tank-rebuild season since the Jets game with the Bears’ decision Wednesday.

bout time you sit Justin, he shouldn’t have played against the lions duh!!!!

Am glad he resting but I wish a bit though that he had a shot at breaking that Lamar Rushing record however bigger picture is more important

So why did you let him finish that game when he hurt it in the first half?? Smh

On one hand, the smart move for the Bears is to prioritize long-term prosperity by doing everything in their power to secure a better draft position
On the other, it’s another player-unfriendly decision by Ryan Poles to deprive Justin Fields his chance to break a NFL record

1. Eberflus is a HORRIBLE liar
2. Justin fields deserves rest after carrying this bum franchise
3. See y’all in free agency and draft season

64 yards…. Would probably get that on the first drive. #DaBears

Only took them until his 30th injury of the season to finally shut him down

Robbing my man of breaking the record for rushing yards with a QB…

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